Quickfire: MPs speak out on fireworks ban, no jab-no pay and odd experiences on the job

Quickfire: Inside Parliament puts politicians from different sides of the House together, asking for their views about the biggest current news stories.

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We ask MPs for their views about the biggest current news stories. Source: 1 NEWS

1 NEWS Now's Anna Whyte put the questions to Green Party's Jan Logie and National's Louise Upston. 

The MPs were asked:

1. National released their social development document recently and are looking at a no jab, no pay approach. Should people receive benefits if they refuse to immunise their children?

2. MP Maggie Barry announced she would not seek re-election next year. What would you be doing if you weren’t an MP?

3. There were nearly 90 fireworks related call outs across New Zealand on Guy Fawkes. Should private firework sales be banned, or should letting them off be limited to one day?

4. Seven mokomokai (preserved Māori heads) remain at the British museum. Do you think they should be returned?

5. A two-year extension has been granted for learners and restricted licences that are soon to expire. Do drivers just need to hurry up and their new licence?

6. Former Air New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon has won the National Party candidacy for the seat of Botany. What are the chances of Mr Luxon ever being leader of National?

7. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was asked about sheep placenta during a bilat with Thailand – what’s the oddest question or topic brought up in a professional environment that you have experienced?

8. National is promising to bring back sanctions on sole parents who refuse to name their child's other parent. What’s the biggest issue around this?

9. For every 100 sexual violence incidents reported to the police, only 31 made it to court, 11 resulted in a conviction and six in imprisonment.  Does this impact victims and survivors coming forward?

10. Data from Statistics New Zealand shows that people on lower incomes are more likely to go without fruit and vegetables, postpone trips to the doctor, and put up with feeling cold. Have you ever been in any of these situations?

11. It is the 50-year anniversary of TV network news in New Zealand. What is your favourite TV moment from that time?

Watch the answers in the video above. 

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