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20 Ways to Cook Like a Masterchef

Here's some helpful hints, to give your cooking a little something extra.

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Wentworth: 5 Reasons to Watch Season 5

If you're not sucked in already, prepare yourselves.

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Banter: Be in the live audience

Want to be part of the LIVE action? Head here to be part of the Banter studio audience.

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This Is Us: Emmy Nominees

Congratulations to the 2017 nominees! We're excited to see so many of our favourite actors being recognised.

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Filthy Rich: Savannah's Alive

Filthy's golden girl is back for Season 2, we knew she had it in her!

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Planet Fun

Check out the latest kids content, thanks to Planet Fun!

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TV Guide

See what's coming up on TVNZ's channels.

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Get Started with Favourites

Learn how to keep track of the shows you love!

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