Adams, Bridges and Collins announce National leadership bids, hoping to lead party to 2020 election win

This concludes 1 NEWS NOW's live coverage of the National leadership race, re-live all the days political developments below, as Amy Adams, Judith Collins and Simon Bridges announced they will battle it out for the top job. 


Confirmed: Judith Collins, Simon Bridges, Amy Adams

Likely: Jonathan Coleman, Mark Mitchell

But Papakura MP responds: "People get exactly what they see, so they can trust what I tell them." Source: 1 NEWS

Out: Nikki Kaye, Paula Bennett (will run for deputy)

People get exactly what they see, so they can trust what I tell them - Judith Collin

4:35pm: To recap: Judith Collins, Simon Bridges and Amy Adams have all put their hands up for National's top job after Bill English announced his resignation yesterday.

A number of MPs including Steven Joyce, Mark Mitchell and Jonathan Coleman are yet to rule themselves out of running for the leadership, but are unlikely to announce anything today.

4:24pm: Click here to watch Amy Adams announcement that she will be running for leader of the National Party, and read more on the story.

4:19pm: National MP Maggie Barry says Amy Adams has a "great sense of humour" and has a lot in common with out-going leader Bill English.

4:12pm: Chris Bishop says he is backing Adams as she "is a person of incredible substance" and has been a "formidable minister" over the years.

4:07pm: Four other National MPs, including Nikki Kaye, Maggie Barry and Chris Bishop, were behind Amy Adams when she made her announcement to back her bid for leadership.

"I really believe in who she is, she is an extraordinary New Zealander and the best person to lead the National Party," Kaye said of her potential new leader Adams.

4:01pm: Asked if she has one word to sum up her leadership style, Amy Adams replied with "aspirational".

3:56pm: "I want my colleagues to disagree with me," Adams says she is open to exchange of ideas if made leader.

She also had high praise for Paula Bennett's work as deputy leader.

3:49pm: Adams says she has the backing needed to become the new leader.

"My support base has continued to grow and I have had so many messages today urging me to run," she says. 

3:37pm: Amy Adams has now thrown her hat into the race for the National Party leadership.

"It is my ambition and goal that if I am leader we will win in 2020," Adams told media.

3:30pm: Click here to watch the live stream of Amy Adams making her National Party leadership announcement.

3:24pm: The truth is the contest to be National's leader is not a beauty parade, writes 1 NEWS Political Reporter Andrea Vance in a new opinion piece on the female's vying for the leadership.

3:01pm: Earlier in the day National MP Nikki Kaye ruled herself out of the leadership race, saying there are "multiple people" she thinks would make for a good new leader.

Click here to read the full story on Kaye's announcement.

2:47pm: The House is currently engaging in Question Time, where Jacinda Ardern and Bill English have clashed over the Government's Bill to abolish charter schools.

Steven Joyce and Grant Robertson have also had a back and forth over Kiwibuild and housing.

National MP Amy Adams is set make an announcement at 3:30pm in regards to the leadership race.

2:39pm: Click here to watch the full interview with Judith Collins around her National leadership bid.

2:25pm: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has likened the National leadership vote to being essentially, "the election of a class president" given people elect one of their peers to take up the role.

2:16pm: Steven Joyce says he is still "considering" his position in any possible leadership bid. He confirmed other National MPs have asked him to throw his hat into the ring, but he has no "personal ambitions" to become the leader.

Joyce says he will run for leader only if it's in the best interest of the party and will make them stronger.

2:08pm: Jacinda Ardern says she knows how these leadership contests work and wishes her National MP rivals all the best as they scrap it out for the leadership role.

Far from enjoying watching National battle it out the PM said: "It brings back traumatic memories if anything."

2.02pm: When asked how she would feel about facing Judith Collins as opposition leader Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she would be "absolutely comfortable" with whoever she was up against.

She says her focus is on serving the New Zealand people and it doesn't matter who the leader of the National Party is in that respect.

1.52pm: National MP Nick Smith has told reporters he will announce whether or not he will stand for his Nelson seat in the 2020 election in "about the middle of next year".

He says that he is committed to serving the people of Nelson as a National Party MP until 2020.

1.37pm: We're got Question Time coming up at Parliament. This will be a time for MPs to show what they've got in terms of holding up against the government. Current leadership runners Judith and Simon both don't have questions, but will surely get involved in the debates. 1 NEWS will be live streaming Question Time on our website and Facebook page

1.16pm: Points from Judith Collins' interview 

- She was encouraged to run during the Christmas break by National members. She didn't as she didn't want to be "disrespectful" English. 
- "People get exactly what they see, so they can trust what I tell them" - Collins answered when asked by Dann; "Some would suggest you can be abrasive, polarising". 
- She said PM Ardern put New Zealand's reputation and relationship with Australia "at risk" over issues like Manus Island
- US' new tax policy is "a real risk for NZ". "We need to be very agile and very smart". Collins said she could handle this well as she was a tax lawyer. Said NZ can't be "soft and cuddly". 
- Home ownership was a big issue for her. 

1.10pm: Go to our Facebook page to see Judith Collin's full interview with 1 NEWS' Corin Dann. 

12.50pm  Collins on Jacinda Ardern: "I don't underestimate her, but I do have her measure and I can beat her."

12.47pm Collins said people in the National Party were encouraging her to come forward as leader in the Christmas break but she didn't want to be disrespectful to Bill English. 

12.42pm: Watch our live steam of Judith Collins here. 

He complimented competitor Judith Collins, and possible competitor Amy Adams. Source: 1 NEWS

12.35pm: Judith Collins will be talking to 1 NEWS' Corin Dann about her leadership bid shortly.

12.17pm: While the leadership tousle plays out, we go back and look at some of Bill English's finest moments. 

12.04pm: It's been a turbulent 24-hours since English announced his resignation as National leader. TVNZ1's Breakfast spoke to the veteran MP this morning. 

English has the unofficial title of 'Father of the House', meaning he is the longest running MP (without breaks, which rules out Winston Peters and Trevor Mallard). 

11.48am: Amy Adams has announced she will be making an announcement at 3.30pm today. 

11.39am: 1 NEWS will be live with competitor Judith Collins at 12.30pm today. Keep updated to find out why the Papakura MP wants the top spot. 

He has thrown his hat into the ring, but will past votes come back to haunt him? Source: 1 NEWS

11.32am: Simon Bridges was asked about voting 'no' for marriage equality. 

"Would I change my vote? Probably." 

The Tauranga MP was asked what his flaws were, he said occasionally he was "in danger of being a bit earnest". 

I'm focused on Simon Bridges becoming leader of the National party - Simon Bridges

11.18am: "I can work very well with Paula," Simon Bridges said, when asked if he would keep Paula Bennett on as deputy. He also mentioned Collins, Kaye and Adams as good people to work with. 

11.14am: He says National are not currently focused on NZ First (in terms of potential coalition partner for 2020). 

About fighting for the 2020 govt: "We're not about beating Jacinda-the person. This is an opposition party taking on a government."

"Yes Jacinda is PM... It's about more than her. It's about the whole team and the agenda they've got."

11.10am Bridges wants to be a "drawcard" for Maori. He says National need fresh ideas. He says the caucus is invigorated. 

11.04am: Bridges feels he has good support within the party.

He said competitor Collins is "a star" and anyone would want her "in their line up". He also praised Amy Adams (who is expected to also run).

"I'm focused on Simon Bridges becoming leader of the National party."

He said he was not running on a ticket.

11.01am: Simon Bridges is running for leader

Judith Collins has this morning tweeted she’ll be running as a candidate for leader of the National Party. Source: 1 NEWS

"I'm here this morning to announce I intend to seek the support of my colleagues to be the next leader of the National Party."

10.56am: Watch Simon Bridges LIVE here. 

10.54am: From MP Mark Mitchell

"I am absolutely, very carefully considering it but I haven’t made a final decision yet."

"No, I'm not considering deputy at all, I’m just looking purely at the leadership race."

10.50am: 1 NEWS will be live streaming Simon Bridges' announcement. 

10.39am: It is understood Simon Bridges will announce his bid at 11am. 

10.36am: Tipped-to-run Amy Adams has not made any suggestion if she will go for the leadership position. Adams was a close supporter of English throughout the leadership speculation, standing behind him with Chris Bishop when he initially quashed rumours.  

10.17am: Nelson MP Nick Smith would not comment on who he would be supporting, and if he thought a younger MP should come forward. He also wouldn't confirm running for the Nelson seat in 2020. 

He says he's a "brattle" by himself (being the last of the brat pack after Bill English's depature). 

9.57am: Latest statement from Paula Bennett

"I will not be seeking the National Party leadership... Our new leader will need help from an experienced, loyal deputy and I offer that.

Bill English said this morning his decision to vacate the National leadership does not necessarily have a bearing on Paula Bennett's position as deputy leader of the party.

9.52am: From 1 NEWS' Katie Bradford - National MP Tim MacIndoe says he's decided who he is voting for...won't say. Invercargill MP Sarah Dowie says she's had some calls, but won't say who from.

9.45am: What we know so far - 

Judith Collins: IN.

The shadow National transport spokesperson is the first MP to announced themselves as a candidate for leader.

"I'm announcing my candidacy for Leader of the NZ National Party," Collin's tweeted.

She says there are "multiple" people who she thinks can take on leadership. Source: 1 NEWS

"We're going to need strong & decisive leadership if we’re going to win in 2020. I'm that person."

Nikki Kaye: OUT.

The shadow National education spokesperson ruled herself out of both the leadership and deputy leadership roles outside Parliament this morning.

"I'm not running in any shape or form," ms Kaye said.

"We are really lucky in the National Party that we've got potentially multiple people who could do the role. I hope that here is a healthy contest.

1 NEWS’ Political editor gives his analysis after Bill English stepped down today. Source: 1 NEWS

"You've got to do what's right for the country and the party ... this stuff isn't about ego, it's about who's right to potentially lead the country."

Jonathan Coleman: UNDECIDED.

Mr Bridges announced today that he’s withdrawing from the contest because he doesn’t have the numbers.
Source: 1 NEWS

The other high-profile member of the National cabinet to speak this morning on leadership. Says he’s "not ruling anything in or out when it comes to a leadership run", adding National needs the best team for 2020.

Paula Bennett: OUT for leader, IN for deputy

It is understood the existing deputy National leader is not going for the top spot, but is intending to stay on as deputy. 

Simon Bridges: ? The Shadow Leader of the House has been touted as the front-runner for the role of leader but has not announced his candidacy yet. He told media he will be making an announcement later today.

Mark Mitchell: UNDECIDED 

The MP told 1 NEWS' Corin Dann he is considering running. 

Amy Adams: ? The shadow Justice Minister has been identified as a likely female for the role of National leader but has not announced herself as a candidate.

Who's in and who's out in the National leadership race.
Who's in and who's out in the National leadership race. Source: 1 NEWS