Hurricanes hold on with 14 men against Chiefs for their first Super Rugby Aotearoa victory

Relive 1 NEWS' live coverage of this Super Rugby Aotearoa encounter between the Chiefs and the Hurricanes from FMG Stadium, Hamilton.

The Hurricanes celebrate Kobus van Wyk's second try against the Chiefs Source: Photosport

5:28pm: FULLTIME - Chiefs 18 Hurricanes 25

The Chiefs throwing everything at the Hurricanes now! The siren goes, the Hurricanes in possession and Barrett kicks into touch to seal the win!!

5:26pm: 79 mins - Chiefs 18 Hurricanes 25

TRY!!! Hurricanes' lineout after the Chiefs give away a penalty in the opposing half. Riccitelli throws, Fifita wins it. 

Booth goes to the air. Nanai-Seturo can't hang on in the air and Fidow makes a burst! The Hurricanes give away a penalty though and the Chiefs can counter! 

The Chiefs inside the 22 as Alaimalo is taken, Tupaea has a run, but the Hurricanes defend well. Cruden goes wide to Wainui and there's an overlap! Boshier gets the ball on the left wing and he scores in the corner!

Here we go then! Can the Chiefs snatch this? McKenzie to convert, but he can't bring the ball back around!

5:21pm: 76 mins - Chiefs 13 Hurricanes 25

The Hurricanes are shutting this right down. Booth injects some pace into the game from inside his own half though. The Hurricanes give away a penalty though for leaving the feet. The Chiefs want the lineout, but Cruden can't find touch. 

Perenara puts it into touch to get rid of any danger. Chiefs lineout.

5:15pm: 70 mins - Chiefs 13 Hurricanes 25

The Chiefs are on fire right now! Tupaea has a crack at the line, but he's held up to force a scrum.

The Hurricanes front row collapses and the Chiefs go quickly. The Chiefs right on the line now as Boshier goes close, but he doesn't release! 

Savea the hero there for the Hurricanes. 

5:11pm: 67 mins - Chiefs 13 Hurricanes 25

Tahuriorangi comes on and straight away breaks! The Chiefs go to McKenzie who kicks to the wing, but Nanai-Seturo can't keep it in.

What a momentum shift for the Chiefs!

5:10pm: 65 mins - Chiefs 13 Hurricanes 25

TRY!!! The Chiefs on the front foot now! Wainui sparks a run up the wing, before Cane goes close to the line. Advantage for the Chiefs, we go back for the penalty.

McKenzie takes it quickly and darts at the line, and he's over! 

We'll check the TMO here for a high tackle on McKenzie - it's Scrafton too. Red card for Scrafton!

The conversion is good.

5:06pm: 63 mins - Chiefs 6 Hurricanes 25

TRY!!! The Hurricanes strike with 14 men! Savea and Booth make a break inside the Chiefs' half. Booth passes to Perenara, who tips on to Barrett, who fires an out-the-back chainsaw pass to van Wyk to go over in the corner!

That's the bonus point for the Hurricanes, Barrett to convet, but he pushes it wide to the right of the posts.

5:03pm: 60 mins - Chiefs 6 Hurricanes 20

Lomax puts Savea into space and he's away! McKenzie makes a mistake at the back as the Chiefs are backtracking.

The ball goes into touch for a Hurricanes lineout. Meanwhile, Jamie Booth replaces Garden-Bachop - so Perenara will finish the game as first-five.

5:00pm: 56 mins - Chiefs 6 Hurricanes 20

Hang on, possible foul play here. Cane looks like he's hit Perenara high and late. He has. That's bad from the All Blacks' captain.

The TMO says no issue though? That's very lucky for Cane to stay on the field there!

Penalty only. Hurricanes' lineout.

4:57pm: 56 mins - Chiefs 6 Hurricanes 20

Chiefs lineout, Slater's throw is over the top but Cane snaps it up and makes good ground.

Brown has a run, but can't get through. Weber and Laulala combine, Sowakula has a crack, but the Hurricanes' defence holding.

The Chiefs are camped on the line, but Kirifi intercepts and the Hurricanes clear it! The Chiefs scramble to attack again, but there's a knock on! 

The Chiefs just can't seem to score a try! Perenara staying down with a sore shoulder.

4:54pm: 53 mins - Chiefs 6 Hurricanes 20

The Chiefs win their own scrum and go wide, but Wainui loses it! Garden-Bachop clears any danger.

4:52pm: 51 mins - Chiefs 6 Hurricanes 20

Yellow card! Uh oh. The Hurricanes are in trouble here after constant infringement, and Scrafton is shown yellow!

He's taken out Cane from an offside position at the lineout, harsh call, but probably the right one. Cheifs scrum right on the Hurricanes' five-metre line.

4:47pm: 48 mins - Chiefs 6 Hurricanes 20

The Chiefs can play on the counter as Manu snaps up a loose pass from Garden-Bachop. McKenzie tries to catch the Hurricanes out at the back with a chip over the top, but Barrett is there to avert any danger.

Perenara clears into touch, but Sowakula takes it quickly. Barrett staying down with something. Weber tries another kick through the line, but the ball's into touch.

Worries about Barrett's shoulder, but it looks like a poke in the eye from McKenzie - accidental of course.

4:42pm: 43 mins - Chiefs 6 Hurricanes 20

Chiefs lineout as Garden-Bachop clears. They take it down and look to get on the front foot. They've got a penalty though, offside against Blackwell.

They have to go for the lineout surely? Nope. McKenzie points to the posts. 

McKenzie lines up his second shot of the afternoon, and he's got it. Chiefs score first in the second spell!

4:39pm: 41 mins - Chiefs 3 Hurricanes 20

Here we go for the second half, Cruden kicks off this time.

4:27pm: HALFTIME - Chiefs 3 Hurricanes 20

Advantage for the Hurricanes and Barrett breaks in midfield! The siren goes as the Chiefs give away a penalty, will Barrett go for the 60m penalty?! He will!

Barrett lines it up, and he's got it! What a way to end the first half!

4:24pm: 40 mins - Chiefs 3 Hurricanes 17

TRY!!! Coles intercepts a pass and puts Ben Lam away down the wing! The Hurricanes go to the other flank with Barrett, before Savea shows off his speed! Five metres away, Laumape goes close.

The Hurricanes are metres away, before Perenara hits Kirifi with a short pass and he's over! Barrett converts.

4:21pm: 37 mins - Chiefs 3 Hurricanes 10

The Chiefs win against the throw and go for the lineout drive. Ben May does well to win the turnover, and a penalty for the Hurricanes though! Jordie Barrett can monster this into touch for a lineout. And he does that.

Hurricanes lineout inside the 22, Coles throws, Scrafton takes it uncontested. The Hurricanes go to the backs as Barrett looks for a gap. Laumape shows some fancy footwork before Boshier gives away a penalty.

The Hurricanes want the points this time. Too easy for Barrett in front.

4:18pm: 34 mins - Chiefs 3 Hurricanes 7

Sliight delay, head clash between Kirifi and Ah Kuoi. The Chiefs' lock is taken on a strecher, but throws a few shakkas to let everyone know he's ok.

Anyway, Cheifs lineout. Weber clears with a box kick, and the Hurricanes will have a lineout.

4:10pm: 33 mins - Chiefs 3 Hurricanes 7

The Chiefs eventually win their lineout and attack the Hurricanes' line. Sowakula loses the ball and Blackwell snaps it up, but loses it in the tackle. Cheifs scrum.

Will they target Ben May here? Weber feeds. Sowakula runs off the back and finds McKenzie. Laulala has a go past the 22. Weber's pass is loose though and Cruden has to tidy up. Weber tries a dummy but no one buys it.

Tupaea finds Cane with a short ball into the tackle, but Ah Kuoi loses the ball in the tackle. Umaga-Jensen's kick dribbles into touch to get the Hurricanes out of danger.

4:06pm: 30 mins - Chiefs 3 Hurricanes 7

The Chiefs win the penalty at the scrum, Ben May the culprit again for the Hurricanes. Cruden finds the corner and the Chiefs will have a great chance to score here.

Slater throws, Boshier wins it. The Chiefs look to their forwards to pick and go as Ross goes up the middle. Cane is driven backwards by Kirifi. Tupaea has a crack, before Cruden looks to dance through the lin. Sowakula is tackled, before Weber tries to sneak through.

Laulala tries and fails, the ball goes to the backs as McKenzie finds Manu. The Chiefs lose it though, only for Barrett to kick it straight back to them.

Advantage Chiefs, McKenzie chips over the top, Coles wins it so we go back for the penalty. Whew. This is really tiring to type. Chiefs lineout.

4:02pm: 26 mins - Chiefs 3 Hurricanes 7

Kirifi gives away an offside penalty as Weber's box kick - that's 11 penalties in the game so far. Chiefs lineout.

Slater's throw isn't straight though. Hurricanes scrum.

4:00pm: 24 mins - Chiefs 3 Hurricanes 7

Ben May replaces Armstrong in the front row for the Hurricanes. Another scrum. This time Laumape stands blind with Lam. Perenara feeds, false start as the front rows collapse.

Will Savea go off the back? Nope, front rows go down again. Third time lucky hopefully. Perenara feeds. 

The Chiefs win a penalty now, Coles is furious. Ben May the culprit.

3:57pm: 21 mins - Chiefs 3 Hurricanes 7

The Hurricanes have the chance to hit straight back though as Laumape and Lam combine! McKenzie makes the last-ditch cover tackle on Lam though.

The Hurricanes move from the 22 up towards the tryline, and have advantage against Boshier.

Do they want the points? Nope, Coles wants the scrum. Same formation for the Hurricanes as the last scrum - which they scored from.

Perenara feeds, and they go blind to Lam! Wainui defends well but another advantage for the Hurricanes. Barrett tries to go for the crossfield bomb, but it's a shocker.

We go back for the penalty against Laulala. Coles wants another scrum, Armstrong is down again.

3:53pm: 18 mins - Chifes 3 Hurricanes 7

The Chiefs run at the line through Cruden, but Kirifi gives away a penalty for leaving his feet. What do the Chiefs do?

They want the points. McKenzie lines up his first shot of the afternoon.

No issue here, McKenzie belts it between the sticks to get the Chiefs on the board!

3:51pm: 16 mins - Chiefs 0 Hurricanes 7

The Hurricanes break as Coles finds a bit of space! Umaga-Jensen runs in support, before Barrett comes in from the side to give away a penalty.

Chiefs lineout. Slater throws, the Chiefs win it. Weber and Cruden combine off the back, before McKenzie has a run. Chiefs advantage from the lineout, and we go back for the penalty. 

Scrafton the culprit there, taking the man out in the air. Another Chiefs lineout.

3:48pm: 13 mins - Chiefs 0 Hurricanes 7

Coles throws, Scrafton wins it, Prinsep runs before Garden-Bachop clears into touch. Chiefs lineout now.

They win it and go to Nanai-Seturo. The forwards look to go up the middle, but give away a penalty for not releasing. Barrett thunders his kick down to the 22. 

Hurricanes lineout.

3:45pm: 11 mins - Chiefs 0 Hurricanes 7

Cruden makes a break in midfield and the Chiefs are on the front foot now! McKenzie stabs a kick through, van Wyk is there to claim it. Garden-Bachop boots into touch but the Chiefs take the quick lineout.

Tupaea has a strong run, before McKenzie drills another deep kick into the corner. The Hurricanes will have a lineout on their own tryline.

Fraser Armstrong stays down though, so we'll have a short break to sort him out.

3:43pm: 8 mins - Chiefs 0 Hurricanes 7

Barrett spills a McKenzie bomb and now the Chiefs can have a crack. Nanai-Seturo's attempted chip and chase doesn't work, before Barrett fires another kick back.

Wainui kicks deep again, only for Lam to return fire. McKenzie wants a run though. He's taken, before Weber goes for the speculator.

Barrett spills the attempted gather - again - but we go back for an offside against the Chiefs.

3:41pm: 6 mins - Chiefs 0 Hurricanes 7

TRY!!! Perenara feeds, will Savea go off the back? Jordie Barrett and Laumape shaping as first receiver options.

The Chiefs' defence goes to bits though! Barrett fires a wide pass to van Wyk, and there's nobody home out wide for the Chiefs - McKenzie out of position.

Van Wyk strolls over for the opening points! Barrett to take the kicking duties today, just in from touch - and he shapes it back for the extras.

3:37pm: 2 mins - Chiefs 0 Hurricanes 0

Manu and Tupaea combine for the Chiefs' first touch, before McKenzie clears. The Hurricanes counter through Jordie Barrett, Cruden makes the tackle.

Laumape has a run before the Chiefs give away a penalty for leaving the feet. The Hurricanes want the lineout.

Coles throws, Scrafton takes. Laumape runs the crash ball but the Chiefs give away another penalty. The Hurricanes go wide to Coles under their advantage. Savea spills the ball in the attempted pick and go, but there's a scuffle.

Fiery start! The Hurricanes will have a scrum.

3:35pm: KICKOFF - Chiefs 0 Hurricanes 0

Here we go then! Jackson Garden-Bachop gets us underway from the kick off.


Reed Prinsep leads the Hurricanes out, today playing his 50th Super Rugby game.


Sam Cane leads the Chiefs out onto FMG Stadium, huge cheers from the crowd - they want to see a home victory today, obviously.


Right then, all good to go in Hamilton. Both sides in the sheds for their final preparations. 


Good afternoon! The weather has held for now, and we should have nice conditions for this afternoon. 

We should be in for a cracker today, kick off just under 15 minutes away!


With both teams winless after their opening rounds of the new competition, the Chiefs and the Hurricanes will be desperate for victory today in the slim hopes of a late-season surge.

The Chiefs will have to do so without midfielder Anton Lienert-Brown though, who picked up a concussion in last weekend's loss to the Crusaders.

In better news for the Hurricanes, the currently last-placed side brings Jordie Barrett back into the mix, having sat out of the start of the new season with a shoulder injury.

Barrett had the final say the last time these two sides met, kicking a penalty after the siren to seal a 27-24 victory for the Hurricanes.


Chiefs: 15. Damian McKenzie, 14. Sean Wainui, 13. Tumua Manu, 12. Quinn Tupaea, 11. Etene Nanai-Seturo, 10. Aaron Cruden, 9. Brad Weber, 8. Pita Gus Sowakula, 7. Sam Cane (c), 6. Lachlan Boshier, 5. Naitoa Ah Kuoi, 4. Mitchell Brown, 3. Nepo Laulala, 2. Bradley Slater, 1. Aidan Ross.

Reserves: 16. Samisoni Taukei'aho, 17. Reuben O'Neill, 18. Ross Geldenhuys, 19. Tupou Vaa'i, 20. Dylan Nel, 21. Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi, 22. Kaleb Trask, 23. Solomon Alaimalo.

Hurricanes: 15. Jordie Barrett, 14. Kobus van Wyk, 13. Peter Umaga-Jensen, 12. Ngani Laumape, 11. Ben Lam, 10. Jackson Garden-Bachop, 9. TJ Perenara (cc), 8. Ardie Savea, 7. Du'Plessis Kirifi, 6. Reed Prinsep, 5. Scott Scrafton, 4. James Blackwell, 3. Tyrel Lomax, 2. Dane Coles (cc), 1. Fraser Armstrong.

Reserves: 16. Ricky Riccitelli, 17. Ben May, 18. Alex Fidow, 19. Vaea Fifita, 20. Devan Flanders/Liam Mitchell, 21. Jamie Booth, 22. Billy Proctor, 23. Wes Goosen.