Hurricanes snatch Super Rugby thriller against Chiefs with last-gasp penalty

Relive 1 NEWS' live coverage of the Super Rugby encounter between the Chiefs and the Hurricanes from FMG Stadium, Hamilton.

9:03pm: FULLTIME - Chiefs 24 Hurricanes 27

Jordie Barrett lines up the shot, Sowakula giving away the penalty. 

Barrett to win it - and it's over!!! The Hurricanes win!

TJ Perenara passes against the Chiefs Source: Photosport

9:02pm: 80+2 mins - Chiefs 24 Hurricanes 24

Hurricanes' scrum, Booth feeds. Barrett seemingly first-five at the moment. The forwards look to drive ahead before Laumape runs left.

The Chiefs trying to win the turnover through Karpik, but the Hurricanes still have it, through 13 phases. Into the final minute, Jordie Barrett staying back for a drop goal.

Perenara takes the line on, taken by Cane. Barrett comes into the line, but he's tackled. The Hurricanes go wide to Laumape, the siren goes in the background. Great defence from the Chiefs here, the Hurricanes through 25 phases.

Barrett runs at the line again, the Hurricanes making no ground here. Over 30 phases, only at the 10m line. Advantage Hurricanes! They have a penalty!

8:54pm: 77 mins - Chiefs 24 Hurricanes 24

The Hurricanes with all the momentum right now. Barrett puts a bomb up to Alaimalo's wing. He throws an offload to McKenzie, whose taken by Goosen. 

Weber puts a box kick up, taken by Sowakula and the Chiefs still have it. Sam Cane drives to the 10m line and Weber goes to the air again. The ball goes to McKenzie - but he spills it!

Hurricanes' scrum.

8:48pm: 72 mins - Chiefs 24 Hurricanes 24

TRY!!! The Hurricanes camped in the Chiefs' half at the moment as they get through 10 phases. Laumape shrugs off Weber, before winning a penalty - the Chiefs' halfback not rolling away.

Barrett finds the corner for the lineout. Aumua throws, Blackwell takes and the Hurricanes drive. Aumua with the ball at the back and he goes over for a try!

The Hurricanes can level with the upcoming kick, Barrett lines it up. Perfect! Scores level!

8:45pm: 68 mins - Chiefs 24 Hurricanes 17

Boshier now staying down as the Hurricanes have another penalty - won by Evans. Barrett lining up the kick, Perenara ready to come back on too.

Barrett's kick is away to the right though!

8:42pm: 65 mins - Chiefs 24 Hurricanes 17

The Hurricanes go close as Rakete-Stones after a brilliant bit of work from Aso, but Boshier turns the ball over on his own tryline!

Boshier's now won 17 turnovers so far this season!

The Chiefs clear into touch for a lineout. 

8:40pm: 63 mins - Chiefs 24 Hurricanes 17

Penalty! The Hurricanes with advantage now as they try to regather themselves. They want the points, not sure who the captain is right now, both Perenara and Coles off the field. Scratch that, Evans is captain. 

Barrett with the kick, running the clock down too, and he makes no mistake. The Chiefs' lead cut to seven.

8:37pm: 60 mins - Chiefs 24 Hurricanes 14

TRY!!! Cruden's kick to the corner is superb, and the Chiefs have a lineout against 14 men. Taukei'aho runs up the middle and wins advantage for the Chiefs.

They go wide to Weber, who puts Stevenson away to score! McKenzie with the kick, and it's good! The Chiefs taking control in the second half.

8:33pm: 57 mins - Chiefs 17 Hurricanes 14

Yellow card! Uh oh, Stevenson and Alaimalo are both staying down after two seperate incidents. Perenara has hit Alaimalo with his shoulder, but the winger ducks into the tackle.

Only a yellow. 

8:31pm: 56 mins - Chiefs 17 Hurricanes 14

TRY!!! Hurricanes' scrum. Perenara feeds. Aso kicks deep to McKenzie, who returns fire into touch. Hurricanes lineout.

Aumua throws, but the Chiefs steal it! Cruden finds the perfect offload to Manu - who holds off the challenges of Barrett and Perenara to score! 

McKenzie's kick is good!

8:23pm: 49 mins - Chiefs 10 Hurricanes 14

Hurricanes scrum after a knock on from Stevenson. Evans runs off the back and clobbers Cruden. The ball goes back to Barrett, who clears to Stevenson. 

The Chiefs run from inside their own half, before Manu is penalised, the Hurricanes take the lineout.

8:19pm: 45 mins - Chiefs 10 Hurricanes 14

Hurricanes' scrum, Perenara feeds. The ball goes to the backs, before Jordie Barrett throws an intercept to Stevenson! 

The winger races away, Ben Lam chasing and bringing him down. Stevenson throws back inside to McKenzie, who can't hang on under the tackle of Aso.

The ball scrambles back into the Hurricanes' in goal, with Lienert-Brown in support, but we'll have a Hurricanes' scrum for the knock on.

8:16pm: 42 mins - Chiefs 10 Hurricanes 14

Both sides trading kicks at the moment, before Stevenson drops a bomb. Barrett gets there and kicks ahead, he races with McKenzie to claim the try!

This could be special. We'll check upstairs, no on field decision. Barrett and McKenzie appear to both have the ball as it's grounded in goal. No try. 

That could be vital from McKenzie. Hurricanes' scrum.

8:12pm: 41 mins - Chiefs 10 Hurricanes 14

We're all set for the second half, Cruden kicks off for the Chiefs.

8:00pm: HALFTIME - Chiefs 10 Hurricanes 14

Taukei'aho throws again, and this time Lienert-Brown has a go before being smashed by van Wyk. Sowakula and Taukei'aho make more ground. Another penalty against the Hurricanes, against Kirifi for a dangerous tackle. Another scrum. Six extra minutes played so far.

Weber feeds, Sowakula picks and goes from the back, before the Chiefs go wide to McKenzie. He tries to hit Alaimalo, but he can't hang on!

Coles bundles the ball into touch to end the first half.

7:56pm: 40+4 mins - Chiefs 10 Hurricanes 14

Weber feeds as the siren goes off in the background. Advantage Chiefs, and Weber tries to chip over the top. We go back for the penalty. The Chiefs will have a lineout to end the half.

Taukei'aho throws, and the Chiefs surge! Boshier is tackled on the five-metre line, Ah Kuoi has a go and wins advantage. 

Cruden and McKenzie combine, before we go back for the penalty. The Chiefs want another lineout.

7:51pm: 39 mins - Chiefs 10 Hurricanes 14

The Hurricanes try to run from inside their own half, before Brown gives away a penalty for a high shot. Barrett's kick is massive to force another lineout.

They win the throw and Aso tries to find a gap. Walker-Leawere has a run, but loses the ball in the tackle. Chiefs scrum.

7:48pm: 36 mins - Chiefs 10 Hurricanes 14

Hurricanes lineout, but the ball spills out to Barrett who can't control it. Great defensive pressure from the Chiefs with the Hurricanes pegged back.

Perenara clears, but the ball's not out. Alaimalo is taken into touch by Laumape. Hurricanes lineout.

7:44pm: 34 mins - Chiefs 10 Hurricanes 14

Chiefs scrum. Weber feeds, before Cruden and Alaimalo combine. Laumape smashes Alaimalo, but the call goes against Aso for a high tackle. 

Another Chiefs scrum. Weber feeds, this time the Chiefs go to McKenzie, who stabs a kick through, but it dribbles into touch on the five-metre line. Hurricanes lineout.

7:39pm: 30 mins - Chiefs 10 Hurricanes 14

TRY!! Cruden is absolutely hammered by van Wyk taking a kick, before McKenzie runs. Perenara wins a turnover, and the Hurricanes take the lineout this time. 

Flanders wins it and the Hurricanes look to use it. They go wide to Coles on the left wing, but Lienert-Brown makes the tackle. Fletcher Smith has a crack at the line and beats the tackle of Ross to score! The Hurricanes back in front. 

Barrett with the kick, and he's got it. 

7:34pm: 26 mins - Chiefs 10 Hurricanes 7

The Chiefs give away a penalty on halfway, and Jordie Barrett fancies it. He lines up the kick, but he doesn't even hit the target.

7:31pm: 23 mins - Chiefs 10 Hurricanes 7

TRY!!! Chiefs lineout, Brown takes. Taukei'aho looms at the back as the Chiefs drive. 

Sowakula goes to the line but is tackled short! Advantage Chiefs as Boshier dives to the line and claims the try. We'll check upstairs, but the on field decision is try.

It looks good - and the try stands! McKenzie's kick is good.

7:25pm: 19 mins - Chiefs 3 Hurricanes 7

Armstrong gives away a penalty, and the Chiefs want another shot at goal - this one just inside the Hurricanes' half.

McKenzie with the attempt, he gets the distance, but pushes the kick to the left.

7:22pm: 16 mins - Chiefs 3 Hurricanes 7

Penalty! Kirifi gives away a penalty right in front of the posts, the Chiefs want the points. Hands in the ruck the call.

McKenzie with kicking duties tonight. No issue for McKenzie, Chiefs on the board.

7:19pm: 14 mins - Chiefs 0 Hurricanes 7

McKenzie puts a bomb up, Fletcher Smith settles underneath it, but drops it! No pressure on him at all there, Chiefs scrum.

Weber runs off the back and finds McKenzie who makes ground. Sowakula tries his luck, but drops the ball in the tackle. Hurricanes scrum.

7:17pm: 11 mins - Chiefs 0 Hurricanes 7

TRY!!! The Hurricanes have a lineout. Smith takes at first-receiver, and hits Perenara with an inside pass.

Perenara breaks, feeds Laumape, before Jordie Barrett straightens the attack. Barrett throws a cutout pass out to Lam's wing, and he strolls in unopposed for the first points of the night!

Jordie Barrett with the conversion, and he belts it through the uprights!

7:14pm: 8 mins - Chiefs 0 Hurricanes 0

Sam Cane wins a turnover to give the Chiefs a scrum inside their own half. Weber feeds. 

The Chiefs botch it though and Kirifi turns it over! The ball goes back to Laumape who kicks into touch for a Chiefs lineout.

Taukei'aho's throw is too long, but the Chiefs scramble back befor Cruden clears.

7:11pm: 6 mins - Chiefs 0 Hurricanes 0

Perenara feeds, Evans a threat from number eight. Perenara takes though, Aso and Laumape both throw around the back passes, the ball going out to Lam, but he's tackled into touch. Chiefs' lineout.

7:09pm: 4 mins - Chiefs 0 Hurricanes 0

The Hurricanes try to take the lineout qucikly, but the referee calls it back to re-take. Coles throws again and the Hurricanes drive. 

Perenara takes the ball off the back and attacks the line. Advantage Hurricanes. Laumape runs and is taken by Cane. They Hurricanes go wide to Kirifi on the left wing, but he's taken. The Chiefs turn the ball over, so we go back for the penalty.

Coles wants a scrum.

7:07pm: 2 mins - Chiefs 0 Hurricanes 0

Manu takes the kick, before the ball goes back to McKenzie, who clears. Jordie Barrett fields the kick and makes a burst upfield. The Hurricanes go wide to Kirifi, but Ross gives away a penalty for entering from the side.

Will the Hurricanes take the points? Nope, they want the lineout.

7:05pm: KICKOFF - Chiefs 0 Hurricanes 0

We're away! Fletcher Smith kicks off to get the ball rolling.


Dane Coles leads the Hurricanes out for the first time this season. 

There'll be a moment of silence to remember those lost nearly a year ago in the March 15 attacks. 


Good evening! Sport this weekend will be a rarity as coronavirus looms, however Super Rugby in New Zealand has been given the all clear!

We're about five minutes away from kick-off in Hamilton.


Despite the threat of coronavirus, tonight's local derby is going ahead - and promises to be a treat.

Having returned from Sydney on a high, the Chiefs host the Hurricanes who are coming off a loss to the Blues.

Chiefs coach Warren Gatland has named a full strength side tonight with Damian McKenzie returning at fullback after sitting out last week's 51-14 win over the Waratahs.

Meanwhile the Hurricanes welcome back co-captain Dane Coles for his first start of the season, having made five changes to the side that slumped to a 24-15 home loss to the Blues.


Chiefs: 15. Damian McKenzie, 14. Shaun Stevenson, 13. Tumua Manu, 12. Anton Lienert-Brown, 11. Solomon Alaimalo, 10. Aaron Cruden, 9. Brad Weber, 8. Pita Gus Sowakula, 7. Sam Cane, 6. Lachlan Boshier, 5. Mitchell Brown, 4. Michael Allardice, 3. Ross Geldenhuys, 2. Samisoni Taukei'aho, 1. Aidan Ross.

Reserves: 16. Bradley Slater, 17. Atu Moli, 18. Rebuen O'Neill, 19. Naitoa Ah Kuoi, 20. Mitchell Karpik, 21. Lisati Milo-Harris, 22. Kaleb Trask, 23. Alex Nankivell.

Hurricanes: 15. Jordie Barrett, 14. Kobus van Wyk, 13. Vince Aso, 12. Ngani Laumape, 11. Ben Lam, 10. Fletcher Smith, 9. TJ Perenara (cc), 8. Gareth Evans, 7. Du'Plessis Kirifi, 6. Devan Flanders, 5. Isaia Walker-Leawere, 4. James Blackwell, 3. Ben May, 2. Dane Coles (cc), 1. Fraser Armstrong.

Reserves: 16. Asafo Aumua, 17. Pouri Rakete-Stones, 18. Alex Fidown, 19. Scott Scrafton, 20. Vaea Fifita, 21. Jamie Booth, 22. Billy Proctor, 23. Wes Goosen.