Kane Williamson on World Cup final and super over conundrum - 'Fine print decided it'

With the dust settling after a chaotic World Cup final, Black Caps captain Kane Williamson has collected his thoughts to reflect on the match.

Williamson fronted media this morning after a well-earned sleep and says he's starting to make sense of everything that happened although he admits it'll take "quite a bit of time" to fully comprehend it.

"After two months of getting to the final stage and to have a tie... I guess it's an odd feeling to, in some ways, not have a loser of a match but have a crowned winner."

The Black Caps came within inches of winning the match but after a wild final over and equally chaotic super over - which has since sparked some debate over rules and umpire calls - England were crowned the winners for hitting more boundaries in the match.

England out-hit the Kiwi side in that regard 24 to 16.

Williamson said that was tough to take.

"I mean, such a fine line," Williamson said.

"Maybe the worst part is there's so much you can't control in those situations and it still eventuates the way it did.

"All and all, I think it was a real shame the tournament was decided in the way it was after two teams went at it in two attempts of cricket games and it was still a tie.

"We went toe-to-toe and fine print decided it."

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Williamson said after two decides slogged it out for 102 overs, it was a shame to decide the match on a little-used rule. Source: 1 NEWS