Black Caps humbled in fourth T20 against England

Relive 1 NEWS Now's live coverage of the fourth Twenty20 International between the Black Caps and England from McLean Park, Napier.

England celebrate the wicket of Martin Guptill Source: Photosport

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9:13pm: 16.5 overs, NZ 165 all out.

WICKET! That's that. Boult backs away from his stumps looking to hit Jordan through the offside, and misses. The ball crashes into the stumps. Boult the last man out for eight.

England win by 76 runs.

9:06pm: 15.1 overs, NZ 154/9 - Boult 2*, Tickner 0*

WICKET! Sodhi's run out! Boult smacks a ball straight to mid off, and Sodhi wants the single. He's sent back though, before Jordan throws down the stumps with Sodhi well short of his ground.

Sodhi goes for nine. Blair Tickner the final man in for the Black Caps.

NZ need 88 runs from 4.5 overs.

8:59pm: 14 overs, NZ 144/8 - Sodhi 1*, Boult 0*

WICKET! Santner goes! S. Curran comes back on and goes short to Santner, who looks to pull but can only manage an edge through to Billings.

Santner goes for 10, Trent Boult given a promotion to number 10.

NZ need 98 runs from 6 overs.

8:52pm: 12.5 overs, NZ 138/7 - Santner 7*, Sodhi 0*

WICKET! Southee's fun comes to an end! After taking 12 from the first three balls of Parkinson's final over, the legspinner tosses another one into Southee's arc. Southee's hit on the pad and given LBW, but wants the review, more in hope than expectation.

Ball tracking won't save Southee, three reds sending the Black Caps' captain on his way for 39.

Ish Sodhi in next.

NZ need 104 runs from 7.1 overs.

8:42pm: 11 overs, NZ 109/6 - Santner 3*, Southee 18*

Southee's here to play! Parkinson tosses one up in his last over, and Southee pulls out his trademark heave over the leg side. Parkinson goes higher with the next one, but it's the same result!

Parkinson again tries to tempt Southee, and he might get his man, but Brown drops the catch down at long on! Southee slog-sweeps the final ball of the over, and there's a shocking misfield in the deep! Great over for Southee, but you feel that it's too little, too late for the Black Caps.

NZ need 133 runs from 9 overs.

8:37pm: 9.4 overs, NZ 89/6 - Santner 1*, Southee 0*

WICKET! Taylor falls! Brown goes full and on leg stump, and Taylor swings for the fences. Banton completes a simple catch running around at deep square leg. 

Taylor falls for 14, Tim Southee replaces him.

NZ need 153 runs from 10.2 overs.

8:31pm: 8.3 overs , NZ 78/5 - Taylor 4*, Santner 0*

WICKET! Parkinson has three! Taylor survives the hat-trick ball, and gets one to bring Mitchell on strike. 

Mitchell goes for the big shot, but again doesn't get enough. Chris Jordan takes the catch.

Mitchell out for two, Mitchell Santner the new batsman.

NZ need 164 runs from 11.3 overs.

8:23pm: 7 overs - NZ 70/4 - Taylor 0*, Mitchell 0*

WICKET! Two in two for Parkinson! He tosses another one up, and this time Munro wants some. Munro's shot is dragged, straight to Brown in the deep!

Munro goes for 30, Parkinson's on a hat-trick. Daryl Mitchell the new batsman.

NZ need 172 runs from 13 overs.

8:20pm: 6.5 overs - NZ 70/3 - Munro 30*, Taylor 0*

WICKET! Parkinson comes into the attack, and de Grandhomme goes after him. A good length ball is smashed straight back over the bowler's head for six.

Parkinson dares de Grandhomme to go again though, and tosses one up. De Grandhomme takes the bait. He skies a very high chance down to long on, where Banton takes the catch.

De Grandhomme falls for seven from three. Ross Taylor the new batsman.

NZ need 172 runs from 13.1 overs.

8:15pm: 5.5 overs - NZ 59/2 - Munro 27*, de Grandhomme 0*

WICKET! Seifert goes now! A slower ball outfoxes Seifert, who gets a leading edge that balloons straight up to T. Curran on the edge of the circle.

Seifert goes for three. Colin de Grandhomme the new batsman.

NZ need 183 runs from 14.1 overs.

8:07pm: 4.3 overs, NZ 54/1 - Munro 25*, Seifert 0*

WICKET! Guptill belts T. Curran over the leg side for four with one hand, before chipping the next ball straight to Malan on the edge of the circle!

Guptill goes for 27 from just 14. Tim Seifert the new batsman.

8:04pm: 4 overs, NZ 49/0 - Guptill 23*, Munro 24*

Guptill and Munro hit 18 from S. Curran's second over, before Jordan is introduced. 

Munro gets one, before Guptill rocks back and sends him over square leg for six. Jordan goes short to follow up, and Guptill cuts him over third man for six more - that's on the roof too! Two singles to finish the fourth over.

7:54pm: 2 overs, NZ 16/0 - Guptill 3*, Munro 13*

Tom Curran to share the new ball. Munro on strike. First ball is pushed back past the bowler, but mid off gets around to keep it to one.

Guptill to face the right hander, he chips down to long on for one to bring Munro back on strike. Short ball from T. Curran, Munro gets a tickle down to fine leg for another boundary!

Smart batting next ball, Munro takes a single out to point. Guptill tries to smash the next ball over the offside, but again can't get any timing. Guptill does get one to finish the over.

7:49pm: 1 over, NZ 8/0 - Guptill 1*, Munro 7*

First ball is pitched up by Curran, Guptill drives to cover. No run. Second ball short of a length, Guptill plays and misses. 

Bit of swing back into Guptill third ball. Play and miss again. Guptill tries to pull fourth ball, gets no timing, but Munro steals one.

Munro faces up for his first ball, he'll really need to fire if the Black Caps are to win this.

Curran strays onto leg stump and Munro flicks for four! Curran goes straight, Munro pushes out to wide long on and the batsmen get three.

NZ need 234 runs from 19 overs.


We're back for the second innings, Guptill and Munro at the crease, Sam Curran with ball in hand.


Huge effort with the bat from England, led by Malan who finishes unbeaten with 103. The Black Caps will need to score at a touch over 12 runs an over to chase this down.

However, we've seen that this pitch will be good for batting. We'll be back soon for the Black Caps' run chase.

7:35pm: 20 overs, ENG 241/3 - Malan 103*, Billings 0*

Two balls to go in the innings. Malan gets one from the penultimate delivery of the innings. Billings will face one ball. 

Bouncer to finish, Billings charges in hope of a wide. England finish their 20 overs at 241/3.

7:33pm: 19.3 overs, ENG 240/3 - Malan 102*, Billings 0*

WICKET! Final over, Southee to bowl. Perfect yorker first up, dot ball! Malan squeezes a single second ball to bring Morgan on strike.

He's got four balls to get a hundred. The first one's a six! Morgan moves into the 90s, and he's threatening Malan's record for the fastest 100. Low full toss to follow up, but Morgan can only sky a catch out to Mitchell at deep cover! Morgan goes for 91, the partnership 182.

Sam Billings the new man.

7:30pm: 19 overs, ENG 233/2 - Malan 101*, Morgan 85*

Daryl Mitchell comes on for one over, and gets taken to by Morgan. The England skipper belts 25 from Mitchell's only over, and is a real crack at a ton himself!

7:25pm: 18 overs, ENG 208/2 - Malan 101*, Morgan 61* 

Boult comes back, Malan sends him into the stands too, and that brings up the 200 for England!

Malan on to 95. The last five completed overs have gone for 78. Boult dishes up a full toss, and Malan hits another six to reach three figures! The fastest T20 hundred by an England batsman, just 48 balls.

That's also the 150 partnership between these two.

7:20pm: 17 overs, ENG 193/2 - Malan 89*, Morgan 60*

Sodhi back into the attack, and Malan shows no mercy. First ball is reverse swept for four, before the next two are both sent into the stands! England are on for well over 200 here.

The fourth ball is reverse swept for another boundary! Malan could be on for a hundred here too! Six more from the fifth ball - 26 from the over with one left!

The final ball is outside leg, turning away from Malan, but he goes back and gets a tickle down to fine leg. It'll only be two, but the damage is done.

7:15pm: 16 overs, ENG 165/2 - Malan 61*, Morgan 60*

Another full toss has Morgan caught into the deep, this time from Tickner. We're going to check the height again, but none of the Black Caps celebrate. Yep, that's a no ball. Malan will have the free hit.

Malan tries to ramp over the keeper, but misses. Tickner gets away with a full toss to finish his spell, his figures 0/50.

7:06pm: 14 overs, ENG 151/2 - Malan 57*, Morgan 52*

Santner comes back for his final over, and bowls a filthy full toss that Morgan clubs straight to Mitchell in the deep. Morgan appeals for a height no ball though, and the third umpire agrees!

Another life for Morgan.

7:03pm: 13.4 overs, ENG 144/2 - Malan 53*, Morgan 50*

Fifty for Morgan now! A back cut from Southee sees Morgan reach 50, his coming from just 21 balls. Rapid by the England captain, the visitors in control here.

7:01pm: 13.1 overs, ENG 133/2 - Malan 50*, Morgan 42*

Fifty for Malan! England's number three gets to his milestone by belting Southee through the offside for four. He goes to 50 from 31 balls with six fours and one six. 

6:51pm: 10 overs, ENG 108/2 - Malan 37*, Morgan 30*

These two are starting to attack the Kiwi bowlers! Tickner's second over is taken for 15, before going at Santner from the other end!

Santer goes for 20 in his third over, fifty partnership up between these two batsmen from just 22 balls.

6:43pm: 9.1 overs, ENG 73/2 - Malan 19*, Morgan 13*

Tickner returns, and there's a huge appeal for LBW against Malan! Umpire says not out, has Malan hit it? Southee wants the review. 

No bat involved, but has it pitched in line? Outside leg! 

6:41pm: 9 overs, ENG 73/2 - Malan 19*, Morgan 13*

Morgan takes the attack to Sodhi, slog sweeping out over square leg. The England captain tries again with the final ball of the over, but doesn't get all of it. Mitchell runs around to try and take the catch, but is forced to throw the ball back infield to save six!

Huge let off for Morgan!

6:34pm: 7.2 overs, ENG 58/2 - Malan 17*, Morgan 0*

Banton tries to switch hit Santner, and is hit on the pad. Umpire says not out, but Southee and Santner want the review.

This looks close! No bat involved, just waiting for ball tracking. Three reds from ball tracking and Santner's got Banton!

Banton falls for an attractive 31, Eoin Morgan the new batsman.

6:26pm: 6 overs, ENG 48/1 - Banton 29*, Malan 10*

Local lad Blair Tickner comes on for the final over of the powerplay. Malan takes a single from the first ball with a drive to mid off. 

Banton back facing, Tickner got him out trying to scoop in Nelson. Tickner goes for that same ball, Banton's learned his lesson, keeps his shape and flicks to fine leg for another boundary. 

Tickner strays onto leg stump again, and this time Banton flicks aerial over fine leg for four more! Bouncer to follow up from Tickner, and Banton sends him into the stands! Brilliant batting from Banton, he pushes the final ball out to point for two to end the over.

6:14pm: 3.1 overs, ENG 16/1 - Banton 8*, Malan 0*

WICKET! Santner comes into the attack in the powerplay and he strikes first ball! A half tracker to start from Santner, Bairstow rocks back to belt it into the stands, but hits it straight to the only man in the deep! Daryl Mitchell takes the catch comfortably.

Bairstow goes for eight, Dawid Malan the new batsman.

6:13pm: 3 overs, ENG 16/0 - Banton 8*, Bairstow 8*

Banton looks to take the attack to Boult, and goes back to a good length, trying to pull. He's hit on the pad and given out LBW!

Banton reviews after a slight discussion with Bairstow. He's been hit on the back leg, Banton will be hopinh that the ball's pitched outside leg - and it has! Great review from the youngster!

6:07pm: 2 overs, ENG 11/0 - Banton 8*, Bairstow 3*

Captain Southee to take the ball from the other end. Banton keeps the strike. Full and straight half volley first up from Southee, Banton chips into the leg side for two.

Better line from Southee next up, honing on the off stump and looking for swing, Banton defends. Southee comes wider next ball, Banton pushes to mid off for one. Bairstow to face his first ball - Southee got him for a golden duck in Wellington.

No such luck this time though, too straight from Southee, Bairstow clips off his front pad down to fine leg for two.

Slight LBW appeal next ball, but should be too high. Mix up between Bairstow and Banton, and Southee hits the stumps! Has Bairstow got back?! He has just. Yorker to finish from Southee, the batsmen steal a single.

6:03pm: 1 over, ENG 5/0 - Banton 5*, Bairstow 0*

First ball is on leg stump from Boult, Banton gets a tickle and the first ball goes down fine for four! Bit of swing first up for Boult.

A bit straighter from Boult second ball, Banton pushes to midwicket, no run. Even straighter next up, Banton pushes to mid, no run.

Very full from Boult with the fourth ball, Banton keeps it out. Swing and a miss from Banton on the fifth, the ball sails over the top of off-stump. 

Straighter with the final ball, Banton pushes to deep midwicket for one.


Here we go then! England's openers out in the middle. Trent Boult with ball in hand.

It looks like Banton will take strike first.


A good crowd turning up after work. First ball in around 10 minutes.


Two changes for the Black Caps, Boult in for Ferguson as expected, but Jimmy Neesham has been ruled out with illness. Daryl Mitchell replaces him.

England welcome back Bairstow and Jordan in place of James Vince and Saqib Mahmood.

NZ: 1. Martin Guptill, 2. Colin Munro, 3. Tim Seifert (wk), 4. Colin de Grandhomme, 5. Ross Taylor, 6. Daryl Mitchell,  7. Mitchell Santner, 8. Tim Southee (c), 9. Ish Sodhi, 10. Blair Tickner, 11. Trent Boult.

England: 1. Jonny Bairstow, 2. Tom Banton, 3. Dawid Malan, 4. Eoin Morgan (c), 5. Sam Billings (wk), 6. Lewis Gregory, 7. Sam Curran, 8. Chris Jordan, 9. Tom Curran, 10. Matt Parkinson, 11. Pat Brown.


A perfect evening on the cards in Napier! Both captains out in the middle for the toss. 

Eoin Morgan calls heads, it's tails and New Zealand win the toss! Tim Southee has no hesitation in bowling first, meaning that the Black Caps will chase for the first time this series.

We'll have the final XIs for you shortly.


After going 1-0 down in Christchurch, the Black Caps have bounced back in style, with wins in both Wellington and Nelson seeing the hosts take a 2-1 advantage in the best of five series. Victory tonight would see the Black Caps wrap up the series with a game to spare.

Napier is traditionally a batsman's paradise, which could see the Black Caps make changes to their side, weighing up bringing Daryl Mitchell back into the fold.

Elsewhere, Trent Boult returns to the T20 reckoning, in line for his first match in the shortest format since January last year. He comes into the squad for Lockie Ferguson, who is being rested.

England, meanwhile, will have to think about the balance of their side, likely to bring back Jonny Bairstow, leaving the trio of Dawid Malan, James Vince and youngster Tom Banton fighting for two spots in the top three.

We'll have the toss and the final teams shortly.


New Zealand (possible): 1. Martin Guptill, 2. Colin Munro, 3. Tim Seifert (wk), 4. Colin de Grandhomme, 5. Ross Taylor, 6. Jimmy Neesham, 7. Mitchell Santner, 8. Tim Southee (c), 9. Ish Sodhi, 10. Blair Tickner, 11. Trent Boult.

England (possible): 1. Jonny Bairstow, 2. Tom Banton, 3. Dawid Malan, 4. Eoin Morgan (c), 5. Sam Billings (wk), 6. Lewis Gregory, 7. Sam Curran, 8. Chris Jordan, 9. Tom Curran, 10. Matt Parkinson, 11. Pat Brown.