Pineapple Lumps chocolate block hitting confectionery aisles soon

Cadbury and Pascall have joined forces to launch a new limited-edition Pineapple Lumps chocolate block.

A post to the New World Pioneer Facebook page last week showed a picture hinting at the mash-up.

The block, inspired by the classic Kiwi sweets, combines chewy pineapple-flavoured marshmallows with Cadbury milk chocolate, Cadbury said in a statement.

"We're so excited to provide New Zealand with a new way to enjoy these two much-loved Kiwi favourites," Cadbury New Zealand's Will Papesch said.

"Both Pineapple Lumps and Cadbury Dairy Milk are such classic icons. It's great to be able to create a way to enjoy and share them in a new, delicious treat."

The chocolate treat will be available from September 16.

Cadbury Dairy Milk, Pineapple Lumps chocolate block.