Breakfast team pay tribute to outgoing TVNZ Europe Correspondent Joy Reid

Emotions ran high this morning as Breakfast team paid tribute to Joy Reid during her last live cross as TVNZ's Europe correspondent.

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Emotions ran high as John Campbell, Hayley Holt and Melissa Stokes spoke with Joy. Source: 1 NEWS

Daniel Faitaua will take over from Reid next week after Reid heads back to New Zealand.

Breakfast host John Campbell paid tribute to the "extraordinary work" Reid has done during her two-year tenure, including covering Brexit, the rise of nationalism in European politics and sport.

"Your breadth of ability to cover anything that has happened in Europe while you've been there has been remarkable and you're always a joy to talk to - beautifully named Joy - you are a joy every time you're on the telly," he added.

Breakfast news reader Melissa Stokes got teary as she thanked Reid for her work.

"Having been there before it actually makes me feel a bit teary for you because it was such a great opportunity and you have made it look so easy and it's not easy, sometimes you feel like you're crawling through the blimin' mud, so you have done an extraordinary job.

"Welcome home! It's alright back here," she said.

Reid herself teared up at the praise from her team.

Breakfast host Hayley Holt asked if she was glad to get out while Brexit continues to cause disruption, but Reid said she had gotten attached to the story.

"I've spent hours, and hours, and hours a day talking and thinking about Brexit so I'm almost sad to be leaving before the final finale but let's see when that final finale is ever going to happen," Reid said.

"Thank you so much Joy, good luck with the packing," Holt said. "Safe travels home and we'll see you soon."