Watch: US President Donald Trump takes on Laurel v Yanny challenge, his answer is not what you'd expect

US President Donald Trump and the White House are the latest to weigh in on the Laurel versus Yanny debate.

In a video posted to Twitter, the White House staff revealed whether they were hearing 'Laurel' or 'Yanny'.

The clip has already received 1.67 million views.

Earlier this week, a short audio clip went viral and divided the internet into two camps - those who heard 'Yanny' and those who heard 'Laurel'.

In the video, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is asked for her response to reports saying she hears 'Laurel'.

"Clearly you're getting your information from CNN 'cause that's fake news. All I hear is 'Yanny'," Ms Huckabee Sanders joked.

At the end of the video, President Donald Trump says, "I hear Covfefe".

A video featuring US President Donald Trump and White House staff received millions of views when it was posted to Twitter today.

Take a look back: The best royal dresses of the past eight decades – from Elizabeth to Diana and finally Kate

Look back through the years at the changing styles and eras of wedding dresses as the British royals walked up the isle.

Seamstresses set to replicate Meghan Markle's dress

Two Sydney seamstresses will pull an all-nighter tomorrow night to recreate Meghan Markle's royal wedding dress, starting from the second the former Suits actress steps out of her car to marry Prince Harry.

Elizabeth Alexandrou and Tessa Rankin have dozens of fabrics and patterns at the ready to replicate the much-anticipated gown but are unable to get a head start given the conflicting speculation about its design.

"I'm trying not to think about it until the dress walks out the door. There are so many variables," Ms Alexandrou, who is producing the one-off creation for haberdashery chain Spotlight, told AAP.

The American actress wore a simple, strapless white dress with a beaded waistband for her first wedding, to film producer Trevor Engelson, in 2011.

"Her recent looks are all fairly tailored, smart and stylish, so this could be her time to let loose and be a princess," Ms Alexandrou said.

"I would say she'll have a big skirt but it's difficult because it's her second marriage too."

The seamstress is predicting the 36-year-old's dress to have a fitted bodice, sleeves, beadwork and a dash of colour but has ruled out a high neckline and a massive train.

She said while a handmade lace or heavily hand-beaded dress will be impossible to recreate overnight, the overall silhouette is still "achievable" for the everyday bride, without the exorbitant price tag.

"As a bride, they (customers) want to be unique and special on their wedding day; they don't want to be in the exact same dress as somebody else."

Royal fashion is hot property in the retail market with outfits worn by the Duchess of Cambridge frequently selling out.

Belfast-based designer MaryRose McGrath whipped up a ready-to-wear copy of the white lace Alexander McQueen wedding gown worn by Catherine Middleton less than 24 hours after she walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey to marry Prince William in 2011.

Look back through the years at the changing styles and eras of wedding dresses as the British royals walked up the isle. Source: 1 NEWS



Israel Embassy takes objection to PM's description of 60 deaths in Gaza as 'one-sided'

Israel's embassy in New Zealand has officially taken objection to Jacinda Ardern's description of this week's Gaza conflict in which 60 Palestinians were killed as "one-sided".

The embassy has responded to the Prime Minister's comments made on Tuesday, May 15, describing them as a regrettable misrepresentation of the conflict that occurred.

"It is astonishing to see how much disinformation is being used against Israel for its self-defense on the Gaza border," Israel's Embassy says in the press release.

"The government of New Zealand, which has recognised Hamas as a terror organisation, regrettably has not condemned Hamas for its actions nor its investment in terrorism."

"Israel is unjustly and against any objective reasoning accused of using disproportionate force against Hamas.

"The use of force must be judged not by the number of casualties (and don't forget that the majority of them are Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists)."

Ms Ardern had described the conflict as "a devastating one-sided loss of life" in an overall critical assessment made hours after the incident.

However, she would not go so far as to say the attacks from Israel were a breach of international law, without a full briefing.

"This is the most significant violence we've seen in a number of years," Ms Ardern said on Tuesday morning.

"We would condemn the violence that has occurred, and I think it's plain to see that the effects of this decision and the ramifications are wide-reaching."

Jacinda Ardern outlined her government’s stance on the US-led strikes on Syria today, speaking from the Comm Games in the Gold Coast.
Source: 1 NEWS