Used Covid-19 swabs accidentally handed out to students in England

Around 25 used coronavirus test kits have been handed out to students in England’s West midlands region.


The University of Birmingham’s student newspaper, Redbrick, reported that a number of undergraduates received the swabs by local council staff as part of the drop and collect service aimed at increasing testing in areas with high rates of Covid-19 infections.

Students were "shocked and worried" after they opened the boxes to discover sealed bags inside, some with names and addresses written on the plastic.

Birmingham City Council have admitted to the mistake and carried out its own review to look into how it happened.

"As soon as it became apparent that the wrong tests had been given out steps were taken immediately to rectify the mistake," the council said in a statement.

"We want to reassure residents that none of these tests were reused and while other packaging on one was opened, the inner pack containing the swab remained sealed and secure so there is no risk of contamination."