Sydney local council takes to social media to shame drivers caught parking in disabled car parks

A local Sydney council is shaming drivers caught parking in disabled car parks.

Canterbury-Bankstown Council has taken to social media to upload photos of vehicles in disabled parking spots without a permit under the hashtag 'not your space', Channel Nine reports.

Peter Simspon, a disability advocate who uses a wheelchair, says, "I don't like parking in [disabled parking spots], but I have to because it's a convenience for me so I can get from A to B.

"At the end of the day, you know, it's just a lack of respect - a lack of empathy, even."

Canterbury-Bankstown Council Mayor Khal Asfour said, "We're making sure that this campaign is spreading as far as we can on social media platforms and making sure our community's aware that when it comes to parking illegally, that we will catch you if you're doing the wrong thing".

Motorists caught parking in a disabled parking spot will be fined $561 and one demerit point from their licence.

Around 200 drivers already fined for the illegal behaviour this year.