Spotify can now generate a playlist for your beloved pet

They say music soothes the savage beast, and worldwide music streaming service Spotify may have just the thing to do that - playlists for your pet.

Spotify's pet selection might be a bit lacking for some Kiwis - not a sheep, goat or cow in sight. Source: Supplied

The Swedish company launched Pet Playlists overnight NZT, and users can now generate a playlist for their own pet, so long as they own a dog, cat, bird, hamster or iguana.

After picking their pet type, users are asked a few questions to describe their pet - are they energetic, or relaxed? Shy, or friendly? Curious or apathetic?

They can then upload a photo of their companion and provide their name, before Spotify syncs "their taste" with yours, based on your Spotify listening habits.

Now, I don't have a real pet, but what I do have is a tui who visits our pohutakawa tree often. My partner and I call him George.

So I made a playlist for George the energetic, shy and curious tui, which was something similar to what I'd listen to in the background while doing chores - house, lo-fi, indie and chill music all featured.

The first song on the list, fittingly, was 'America! I'm for the Birds' by Nicolas Jaar.

Who knew tui liked Indie, Chillwave and Electronica? Spotify, apparently. Source: Supplied

As of 2016, statistics suggest about 64 per cent of New Zealand households have at least one pet - among the highest rates in the world.

Give it a go yourself here - and yes, you do need to sign up for Spotify, or deal with the ads.

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