'Shame on you'- Donald Trump's not-so-welcoming welcome to the UK




Hundreds of anti-Donald Trump protesters gathered outside Blenheim Palace today where the US President and First Lady Melania Trump were having dinner with UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

Protesters lined the streets in Oxford as the US President was met British PM Theresa May.
Source: Associated Press

The anti-Trump protesters with signs critical of Trump were lining the roadway leading to the palace near Oxford.

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But it's unlikely the Trumps even saw them.

Instead, the couple arrived via helicopter and were driven by presidential limousine onto the property, where they were welcomed by May and her husband Philip.

Trump's visit marked his first to the UK since becoming US President. 

The protesters were booing at numerous official vehicles carrying dignitaries as they arrived at the palace. 

Banners and placards held by the protesters accused Trump of racism and sexism.

The peaceful demonstration was heavily policed. 

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