Sex offender Rolf Harris enters British school, waves to kids

Former TV star and convicted sex offender, Rolf Harris, turned up at a British school on Tuesday and spoke to a sculptor who was working on site and also waved at children during their lunch break. 

Rolf Harris Source: 1 NEWS

Harris, 88, was jailed in 2014 for sex offences against four girls but released under strict conditions in 2017.

However he was seen waving to children as they were waiting to have their lunch at school on Tuesday, the BBC reports.

He was also seen talking to sculptor, Nick Garnett, who was working in the school grounds.

Mr Garnett told the BBC: "I turned round and there was Rolf Harris, which was a strange moment.

"He asked for a piece of timber. Apparently he's interested in making some carvings, so I gave him a couple of pieces."

He said: "At no point was he near any children. The headmaster dealt with it incredibly calmly."

A head teacher at the school said, "In line with our standard procedures, an uninvited individual was asked to leave the outer perimeter of the school site yesterday, which he did without delay.

"At no time did any of our pupils come into contact with the individual nor was the individual invited by us onto the school grounds."

The BBC reported that an officer attended the scene but that no offence was committed and no arrest was made.

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Harris is currently serving six years behind bars for other sexual offences. Source: 1 NEWS

Harris, who is from Australia, was jailed for 12 assaults against four girls between 1968 and 1986.