Satire Twitter account springs up under Donald Trump's pseudonym after ban

Donald Trump has been banned from Twitter, but "Not Donald Trump" is quickly gaining followers with its freshly created account.

'John Barron'. Source: Twitter

An apparent satire account has sprung up under the name of 'John Barron' - an old pseudonym Trump used through the '80s.

Complete with a description clarifying the account is "Not Donald Trump", the profile picture contains an image almost identical to the one on Trump's original page.

The only difference is that 'John Barron' has a fake mustache.

'John Barron' has made one tweet so far: "Hello I am brand new to Twitter, what are you guys up to."

The account has been active for just over an hour at the time of publishing and has more than 52,000 followers.

On the profile it lists Krister Johnson as his "publicist", an Emmy-winning writer and producer in the US.

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