Reusable shopping bags - good for the environment but they could make you sick




Shopping with reusable grocery bags is a good move for the environment, but it turns out those bags could make you sick.

Researchers from the University of Arizona have found many reusable bags contain coliform bacteria and E. coli.
Source: Breakfast

The problem is if you don't wash them. And let's face it - who does?

Researchers from the University of Arizona have found almost all reusable bags randomly selected from customers doing their groceries contained a lot of bacteria.

Nearly half contained coliform bacteria and 12 per cent contained E. coli.
The biggest concern is meat, so make sure your chicken's well away from your fruit and veg.
Health officials say your meat should be in a separate bag and in plastic.

It is the latest move by a big supermarket chain on the use of plastic shopping bags.
Source: 1 NEWS

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