Raw video: Shocking moment outback Aussie cop snaps, dragging young school girl to ground

An Australian police officer is under investigation after violently dragging a young school girl to the ground in a shocking altercation.

Video of the incident, which took place in the small Queensland town of Murgon yesterday, was captured by an onlooker and posted to Facebook.

The footage shows officer Sergeant Gregory Kapernick asking a woman if she wants to be locked up for public nuisance.

The Murgon police officer becomes increasingly more irate with a small crowd of people, who he says are blocking a footpath.

Sergeant Kapernick then begins yelling at a woman to stop swearing, the two get into an altercation and the officer grabs at her, pulling her onto the road.

Moving away from the woman, the officer then grabs a young girl in school uniform and drags her to the ground.

The crowd screams at him to stop but the officer refuses to let go of the girl, holding her in an arm lock.

Other police officers rush in and break the pair up, with the crowd quickly dispersing away. 

Queensland Police have told Australia's  9NEWS the matter has been referred to the Ethical Standards Command and they wouldn't be commenting further.

Latest effort for gun control in US draws unlikely supporters

The National Rifle Association have joined the Trump administration and top congressional Republicans in a swift and surprising embrace of a restriction on Americans' guns, to regulate the "bump stock" devices the Las Vegas shooter apparently used to horrifically lethal effect.

The devices, originally intended to help people with disabilities, fit over the stock and grip of a semi-automatic rifle and allow the weapon to fire continuously, some 400 to 800 rounds in a single minute.

Bump stocks were found among the gunman's weapons and explain why victims in Las Vegas heard what sounded like automatic-weapons fire as the shooter rained bullets from a casino high-rise, slaughtering 58 people in a concert below and wounding hundreds more.

Today's sudden endorsements of controls came almost simultaneously from the NRA and the White House.

The NRA, which famously opposes virtually any hint of new restrictions, said in a statement: "The National Rifle Association is calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) to immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law.

"The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations."

Moments after, at the White House, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders praised the announcement.

"We welcome that and a conversation on that," Sanders said. "It's something we're very open to."


Watch: 'There's never been a worse drug' – US expert warns liquid meth next on New Zealand shores

While police and customs say they're seizing more and more meth at the Kiwi border, overseas experts warn the next wave in smuggling the drug will likely come in liquid form.

American border agents say the liquid meth is harder to detect and easier to transport.

"It's already methamphetamine, they just dissolved it, to smuggle it here," US methamphetamine expert Bob Pennal told 1 NEWS.

Smugglers use detergents, stain removers, juice, motor oil and even beer to conceal the liquid meth through customs.

Authorities here announced they'd seized a shipment of chemically altered meth product labelled as dishwashing liquid in March.

"That's certainly not the first time that a liquid form has been identified," Assistant Commissioner of the NZ Police Richard Chambers said.

1 NEWS can reveal customs has seized consignments of towels soaked in liquid meth and wine bottles full of it.

With this new method of importation the scourge of methamphetamine on our communities shows no sign of letting up.

Methamphetamine will soon be smuggled into NZ in liquid form warns US border agents. Source: 1 NEWS