'Please give him a chance' - dog found abandoned with heartbreaking letter in Sydney after owners couldn't afford to treat skin condition

A dog has been found abandoned with a heartbreaking letter after his family could no longer afford to treat his skin condition.

Booka, short for Boockaboo, a four-year-old Shar Pei cross, was found by RSPCA NSW's Sydney shelter in an overnight cage with a letter attached, Yahoo7 reports.

The heartbreaking note left by Booka's owners outside the RSPCA NSW's Sydney shelter. Source: RSPCA NSW

“I have a genetic form of mange. It is not contractable to other animals, though the treatment is quite expensive, he is a lovely dog (sic)," the note read.

"Please give him a chance, he is much loved and hard to let go."

The RSPCA hopes to reunite the dog with his family, saying that they wished to provide for the much-loved dog.

"We have committed to paying for all of his treatment and care, and want him to be reunited with his loving family," the organisation said in a statement today.

Boockaboo the four-year-old Shar Pei cross was abandoned with a heartbreaking note overnight. Source: RSPCA NSW