Photojournalist blinded by police during George Floyd protests

A photojournalist covering the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis has been left permanently blinded in one eye after being shot in the face with a rubber bullet by police.

Linda Tirado has been left blinded in one eye while covering the George Floyd protests. Source: Supplied

Linda Tirado, a freelance writer and photographer based in the US, had been covering the riots from the epicentre of the movement including near the Minneapolis Police Station which was subsequently burnt to the ground. 

Despite wearing protecting goggles at the time, Ms Tirado was left needing surgery after left eyeball burst when she was shot. 

Ms Tirado says it wasn't her "photography eye" and therefore it's not "career ending," she won't be able to drive. 

"I can still see flowers and sunsets, just maybe won't be able to tell how far away they are," she wrote in a tweet.

Ms Tirado was back out on the streets capturing the riots less than 24 hours after the shooting. 

"I've been back at work five hours now. My job is to witness and they only got my left eye. My right one is still good to go." 

She disagreed that protestors should stop, saying it was a police officer who shot her and not protestors. 

"It was the protestors who got me to the hospital, who gave me medical supplies and acted as my eyes when I couldn't see past the blood and swelling... I'm the girl who loses an eye and goes back to work the next day. I ain't got time for no nonsense." 

Other reporters have also been caught up in the riots, including a crew for Fox News who was reportedly chased by protestors outside the White House. 

According to Fox News, the crew were "punched and hit with projectiles as they fled". 

While yesterday, CNN's headquarters in Atlanta were stormed by protestors who defaced and damaged the front of the building just hours after an African American correspondant was arrested by police live on television.