Most read: Māori Niuean man who claims he was given 'black guy repellent' sues Queensland employer

A Māori Niuean man claims he was handed 'Black Guy Repllent' [sic] at a Queensland tour company he worked for in an act of racial discrimination against him due to his skin colour.

McDuff Tupetagi claims last year's incident was one of many while working at the Rainbow Beach Adventure Company in Queensland, the Brisbane Times reports.

Mr Tupetagi claimed he was later forced to take sick leave for mental distress after feeling "like an unwanted creature or pet" while working for the company.

In 2016, he twice asked for a sunshade. In the second instance, his boss' manager, "Byron", denied his request, saying to Mr Tupetagi to the effect of "because you're black", the statement of facts lodged this week reads.

"By Byron's words, Byron imputed to the complainant that he was less or not susceptible to sunburn and skin damage from the sun because of his skin colour."

Then in November 2017, colleageus told Mr Tupetagi there was a "a present" was left for him in his car. It consisted of an empty bottle of sunscreen covered in yellow tape labelled "Black Guy Repllent" [sic] and "Caution! Only use on blacks".

The incident was reported and the alleged perpetrator told Mr Tupetagi he was sent to his home to apologise. 

Mr Tupetagi is now suing the company and two of its employees for discrimination, telling the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission he was often jokingly referred to as "the black fella".

Mr Tupetagi has since been diagnosed with severe depression and agoraphobia.

In a statement, Website Travel Group, which owns the tour company, said they "value all our employees" and that they are "supporting the proceedings".

The case is expected to appear before the courts in the next few weeks.


Shocking vision shows inside of charred Taiwan nursing home after fire kills nine

A fire at a hospital's nursing home has killed nine people and left 16 others injured in New Taipei City.

The fire at the Taipei Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare broke out in the early hours of Monday morning.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the fire.

A fire at a hospital's nursing home has killed nine people and left 16 others injured in New Taipei City.



Cat lovers alert: Job going on idyllic Greek island looking after 70 cats

If you're 'responsible, reliable, honest and practically inclined', a job going on the idyllic Greek island of Syros might just be right for you - but you must like cats.

And you could be too late because there are already 3000 applications from people all over the world to take over as cat caretakers at cat sanctuary that's home to up to 70 cats.

The sanctuary owner Joan Bowell posted the job ad on Facebook last week because she and her husband plan to return New York where Mr Bowell has work commitments with the United Nations, The Telegraph reports. 

Nearly 1000 Britons are among the 3000 applicants for the cat caretaking role and the couple have called in five volunteers across Europe to narrow down a shortlist of up to 100.

Mrs Bowell from the UK and Mr Bowell from Denmark moved to the island of Syros seven years ago, The Telegraph said. 

They found kittens thrown away in garbage cans, bony cats relying on scraps, feral and injured cats that needed care.

The couple began taking in strays and working with local vets to improve the health of village cat colony and the overall island population.

They backed a sterilisation project, funded dental operations, had sick eyes removed, and nursed motherless kittens through the night. 

“Now you hardly see distressed cats on Syros,” Mr Bowell said. “It all started here.”

Today the sanctuary's cats are all led around by the resident caretaker cat, Snowy.

The human caretaker role comes with a salary up to 600 euros ($NZ1,037) a month, with bills, housing and veterinary expenses paid.

Cats at the sanctuary on the Greek island of Syros. Source: Facebook