Monica Lewinsky recalls the beginning of her scandalous 'crush' on Clinton in new documentary

In a new docuseries "The Clinton Affair," Monica Lewinsky talks about when her "crush started" on former US President Bill Clinton.

Directed by Emmy-winner Blair Foster, the six-part documentary examines the scandal and its lasting impact on America.

Chronicling the events leading up to impeachment proceedings against Clinton, the series also features an interview with Lewinsky in which she talks openly about her feelings at the time.

Recalling their early flirtations together, Lewinsky says at the time, "there was really no sense of anything beyond 'I have this crush and this person I have a crush on is actually paying attention to me.'" 

She also talks about how private meetings between her and Clinton were arranged so as not to arouse suspicion. 

"Betty Currie was the President's secretary and she sat right outside the Oval Office in the West Wing.  She brought me back into the Oval Office and the three of us went into the back study.  And she went into the dining room and hid there, because the illusion to everyone else was that I was not alone with him."

Lewinsky recalls the gifts she received from Clinton and the impact they had on her.

"Bill gave me this box which had a hat pin and he said, 'Because you know, you always look so cute in hats,'" remembers Lewinsky.

"And then he gave me this really beautiful copy of 'Leaves of Grass.'  It was a very meaningful present to me.  It's an intimate book that you don't just give lightly.  Whatever had been nagging in me of, like, is what I'm feeling real?  Is that there?  Whatever those insecurities were, they kind of vanished in some ways with him having given me this gift.

"This was the first time we had alone since I had been banished to the Pentagon.  And so we moved to the bathroom and were more intimate."

"The Clinton Affair" premieres on A and E in the U.S. on November 18.