McDonald’s cheeseburger practically unchanged a decade after sale in Iceland

McDonald’s Iceland closed all of its restaurants in 2009 but one man decided to make it a moment of history, buying the last hamburger and fries in the country and leaving it to decompose for the next ten years to see what would happen.

The ten-year-old McDonald's meal. Source: Screen shot, Snotra House live feed

And nothing much did.

Hjörtur Smárason kept the burger in a plastic bag for three years where it showed no sign of change.

Following this, he gave the hamburger to the National Museum of Iceland to exhibit.

“I had heard something about McDonald’s never decaying so I just wanted to find out for myself whether this was true or not,” said Mr Smárason.

After a lengthy stay at the museum, a Danish specialist said the burger could not be preserved.

“I think he was wrong because this hamburger preserves itself,” Mr Smárason said.

According to museum staff, some museum visitors had helped themselves to a few fries.

Asked whether he should throw out the ancient burger, Mr Smárason declared it an item of historic value and took it from the museum to a friend who runs a guest house - Snotra House in Þykkvibær, South Iceland, where it is now on display in the lounge.

According to the Snotra House website, the happy meal is still in good condition and can be observed on a live stream from its glass cabinet.