Devastating force of Hurricane Michael captured on camera as severe winds batter Panama Beach City, Florida

Hurricane Michael's extreme force is being felt across Florida, with video capturing the sheer ferocity battering the USA's east coast.

The hurricane is the third-strongest storm to make landfall in US history, based on its pressure and strength.

Video filmed in Panama Beach City shows extreme winds battering the area causing damage to property.

It is so strong that it is expected to remain a hurricane as it moves inland to the state of Georgia this evening, NZT.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal said the storm is "unlike any storm that we have had in anybody's memory", while FEMA Administrator Brock Long described Michael as "a hurricane of the worst kind."

Thousands of people along Florida's northern Gulf Coast have heeded warnings to evacuate, and many are cramming into high schools put to use as shelters.

More than 375,000 people in total up and down the Gulf Coast have been warned to evacuate.

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