Daughter who lost her Kiwi mum in brutal Perth killing says she tried to get help but system failed them - 'now we all suffer'

The daughter who lost her Kiwi mother and two siblings in a brutal triple murder in Perth, says her mum had been scared of the man charged over their deaths and had tried to get him help many times.

Today, Teancum Vernon Petersen-Crofts, 19, was charged with the murders of an eight-year-old boy, a 15-year-old girl and their mother, 48, at a house in the Perth suburb of Ellenbrook.

The daughter of the slain 48-year-old Kiwi woman is now blaming the Aussie health system for their deaths.

"My mum and my brother and sister they copped it. They had to suffer because the system failed them and now we all suffer," the woman who doesn't wish to be named told 1 NEWS.

She says her mother pleaded for help for the man allegedly behind the murders within the health system.

"My mum was going to the hospital and doctor saying what can I do? Who can help me?

"They were all saying he's sick but no one can help."

1 NEWS has been told Teancum Vernon Petersen-Crofts  is related to the victims and this morning, appeared to have a mental breakdown in court as he was charged with three counts of murder.

He looked around the public gallery before sitting down and accusing another person of carrying out the attack.

"A criminal wanted to take me out bush - he did it and he came back for my family," Petersen-Crofts said.

The magistrate told him he didn't need to say anything, but he replied: "I have to 'cos mamma is with me".

After the magistrate said Petersen-Crofts would be sent to a psychiatric facility as there were concerns for his mental health, Petersen-Crofts said: "I was painting a picture of Jesus and stayed there for two months".

The boy and his mother were found dead inside the home and the teenage girl was found critically injured in the backyard but died on the way to hospital, police say.

Police were initially called about 1.30am on Sunday to a convenience store on The Broadway before they went to the home.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Steel told reporters in Perth on Sunday, a senior homicide squad investigating officer had said it was "potentially the most horrific crime scene he has ever been called to".

A police officer has called it the most horrific scene he’s been too. Source: 1 NEWS

Top Thai diver admits he thought up to five boys would die, as Elon Musk goes on bizarre Twitter rampage

The rescuers involved in the mission to bring 12 boys and their football coach safely out of a cave in Thailand have revealed exactly how risky and difficult the operation was.

US Mission Commander Major Charles Hodges admitted he told the Thai Governor he thought there was only a "60 or 70 per cent chance" of successfully bringing the boys out alive.

He said he thought "maybe three, four, possibly five would die."

The sentiment was shared by British cave diver Jason Mallinson, who told ABC's Four Corners programme, "I was confident of getting the kid out. I wasn't 100 per cent confident of getting him out alive. Because, if we bashed him against the rock too hard and it dislodged the mask, and flooded his mask, he was a gonner."

When all 13 of those trapped were rescued, Australian cave diver Craig Challen said "words cannot describe how happy we were. Honestly was not the result that we thought we would get."

Elon Musk lashed out at Thai football team rescue diver Vern Unsworth on Twitter.
Elon Musk lashed out at Thai football team rescue diver Vern Unsworth on Twitter. Source: 1 NEWS

Jason Mallinson said, "I've never done anything as risky as that and I don't think I ever will again, but it was the only option we had and we took it."

But it's a spat between another one of the rescuers and Space-X entrepreneur Elon Musk which is dominating headlines after Musk called British rescue diver Vern Unsworth "a pedo" in a tweet.

Musk's tweet was in response to Mr Unsworth calling Musk’s idea of a one-person submarine to bring the boys to safety "a PR stunt", saying it "had absolutely no chance of working" and "he can stick his submarine where it hurts".

Musk has since deleted the offending tweet, but has continued to defend his submarine.

The entrepreneur brought the invention to the Thai cave, but his help was declined and he was asked to leave.

Mr Unsworth said Musk "had no conception of what the cave passage was like".

"The submarine, I believe, was about 5' 6'' long, rigid, so it wouldn't have gone round the corners or round any obstacles. It wouldn't have made the first 50 metres into the cave."

The 12 rescued boys and their 25-year-old coach are still recovering and gaining strength in hospital.

They are due to be discharged on Thursday.

The Space-X founder has called a British diver a “pedo”, allegations that are without basis. Source: 1 NEWS