Children hiding in closets after gunman injured multiple victims in Florida shooting

Watch the live view of the outisde the scene on 1 NEWS' Facebook page. 

Children are currently in lockdown at a Florida school after a gunman has reportedly injured multiple people.

"All of a sudden there was a really loud noise…..people are crying in the closet," a student texted newsite CBS4's Rick Folbaum.

CBS4 reported the school was in lockdown from 3pm (local time), but some students were walking out of the school with their hands in the air.
The Margate Fire Department estimate 20 to 50 people may be injured.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Walters said: "We are moitoring the situation. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected."

Another student has told news site WSVN they thought there was a fire drill: "But then word started going around that it was shots and not just like something else, everyone just started running towards the canal."

It is estimated between 20-50 people are injured. There are no confirmed casualties currently. 

There are reports the gunman has been caught.