'It breaks your heart' - network of women reunite separated immigrant mums with their children

An ad-hoc network has freed 15 mothers to reunite with their children, after they were parted through the United States' zero tolerance policy of separating families of illegal migrants. 

1 NEWS US Correspondent Rebecca Wright - for TVNZ1's Q+A - looked at how the group, organised on Facebook, led to mothers released from detention being reunited with their children. 

It has now been six weeks since Americans first got a glimpse of what was happening at their border, of the children held at Customs and Border Protection facilities in caging, sleeping under emergency blankets and crying out for their parents.

President Donald Trump eventually relented, succumbing to political pressure to put an end to the policy that forced separation of families who crossed illegally into the US. 

However for thousands of families it was too late. 

A mother from Queens, New York, Julie Scheetert Coyazo, was propelled into action, starting a small fundraiser to reunite Yeni Gonzalez who was held in Arizona with her children in New York. They succeeded, and began helping other mothers. 

Volunteer Meghan Finn said the "women are just absolutely traumatised and the kids, it breaks your heart". 

So far, the government has reunited about 1900 children with their parents, but 600 remain apart. 

It has now been six weeks since Americans first got a glimpse of what was happening at their border. Source: Q+A

Tourist killed by hippo hours after fisherman mauled to death in Kenya

A Chinese tourist was attacked and killed by a hippo while taking pictures on the edge of Lake Naivasha in Kenya's Rift Valley, just hours after a local fisherman was mauled to death in the same area, authorities said today.

A second Chinese tourist was injured in the incident yesterday night and received treatment in the local hospital in Naivasha, 91 kilometres miles southeast of Nairobi, the Kenya Wildlife Service said in a statement.

In the same area, a Kenyan fisherman was attacked by another hippo a few kilometres from where the incident with the Chinese tourists occurred, a police official said.

"The man was bitten on the chest and his injuries were serious and he died minutes after he was retrieved from the lake," said Rift Valley Head of Criminal investigations Gideon Kibunja.

The deaths brought to six the number people who have been killed by hippos around Lake Naivasha so far this year.

Wildlife service spokesman Paul Udoto said the circumstances are not clear in which the two Chinese tourists were attacked. He said attacks on tourists are rare because they are usually protected by guides.

He said hippos and lone buffalos pose the greatest danger to humans and there have been many attacks in which civilians and even rangers have lost their lives.

Source: istock.com


Kiwi tourists' caravan hit by possible gunshots while they slept in Queensland

Two New Zealand tourists are unhurt after their caravan was damaged by what police fear was gunfire in central Queensland.

The pair were camped near the Bruce Highway in Rockhampton when they were woken by two loud bangs around 5am (Queensland time) today

Neither was injured but the body of the van was damaged and the windscreen shattered. Queensland Police are now investigating if gunshots were the cause.

A caravan was struck by a bullet in central in Cromwell.
Caravan (File) Source: istock.com