Attack on Christchurch a 'massive failure in security' - says Australian security experts

1 NEWS Australian Correspondent Ryan Boswell gives the latest update on the Christchurch terrorist attacks from across the Tasman and says it has left Australia "completely in shock" and is "dominating the media".

“The Australian Prime Minister cannot believe this has happened and said Australians are standing by their Kiwi cousins today," he told TVNZ1's Breakfast programme.

Mr Boswell said security experts from across the ditch have said this attack should never have happened and said it was a massive failure in security.

Police had not previously identified the four in custody as potential threats and security experts in Australia are asking "why not?".

Mr Boswell reports, "They say police should really be able to identify this type of strange behaviour before it's even carried out."

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1 NEWS Australian Correspondent Ryan Bosswell gives the latest update from across the Tasman. Source: Breakfast

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