Antarctica lost three trillion tonnes of ice in last 25 years - 'The brakes have come off'

Antarctica has lost three trillion tonnes of ice in the last quarter century, new research published in the journal Nature said today.

The ice sheet loss corresponds to a global sea level rise of around eight millimetres. This is a three-fold increase since 2012.

The paper shows warming oceans have driven a tripling of ice-loss in Western Antarctica between 1992 and 2017, from 53 billion tonnes a year to 159 billion tonnes a year.

International researchers drew on satellite images for their analysis.

Dr Nick Golledge of Victoria University talks to TVNZ 1’s Breakfast programme about the study - and what people can do to help. Source: Breakfast

Associate Professor Nick Golledge from the Antarctic Research Centre said the results are "shocking".

"It's pretty startling stuff. As a scientist, whenever you see a system accelerating, it's a sign that the brakes have come off," Mr Golledge said.

"We're losing control a bit. And that certainly tends to ring to alarm bells."

He said one major concern for glaciologists is Runaway Retreat, the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

"Potentially, people have argued this is the beginning on that. If we're looking at that, we'd be looking at many metres of sea level rise that could play out over the next few hundred years."

Professor Christina Hulbe, from the University of Otago, said the report highlights the need to act urgently.

"One of the most important parts of this is it's not too late to avoid the worst climate change can hold in store," Ms Hulbe said.

We need to get busy. We need to get busy as communities to work out how to confront the challenges."

Three trillion tonnes of ice have disappeared in 25 years through ocean-driven ice melt and ice-shelf collapse. Source: 1 NEWS

'Please give him a chance' - dog found abandoned with heartbreaking letter in Sydney after owners couldn't afford to treat skin condition

A dog has been found abandoned with a heartbreaking letter after his family could no longer afford to treat his skin condition.

Booka, short for Boockaboo, a four-year-old Shar Pei cross, was found by RSPCA NSW's Sydney shelter in an overnight cage with a letter attached, Yahoo7 reports.

The heartbreaking note left by Booka's owners outside the RSPCA NSW's Sydney shelter. Source: RSPCA NSW

“I have a genetic form of mange. It is not contractable to other animals, though the treatment is quite expensive, he is a lovely dog (sic)," the note read.

"Please give him a chance, he is much loved and hard to let go."

The RSPCA hopes to reunite the dog with his family, saying that they wished to provide for the much-loved dog.

"We have committed to paying for all of his treatment and care, and want him to be reunited with his loving family," the organisation said in a statement today.

Boockaboo the four-year-old Shar Pei cross was abandoned with a heartbreaking note overnight. Source: RSPCA NSW


Most read story: 'You morons' - members furious after Green Party Minister approves Chinese-owned water bottling plant expansion

This story was first published on Wednesday June 13

The Land Information Minister approved the expansion of Otakiri Springs water bottling plant near Whakatāne by a Chinese company. Source: 1 NEWS

Divisions within the Green Party have spilled out in to the open after Green MP and Land Information Minister Eugenie Sage approved the expansion of the existing Otakiri Springs water bottling plant near Whakatāne by a Chinese company. .

Green members are venting about the decision both privately and publicly on social media, with Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson admitting she’s had a number of complaints by members about the decision.

A post made by Eugenie Sage on her official Facebook page about the decision has received 1000 mostly negative comments since it was posted yesterday.

"NO MORE" you morons, where are your promises," one reads. "That's not the representation that Kiwis were asking or expecting from the greens. What a huge let down," another comment says.

Green MP and Land Information Minister Eugenie Sage approved the expansion of Otakiri Springs water bottling plant near Whakatane by a Chinese company. Source: 1 NEWS

The Greens campaigned on putting a charge on water bottling at last year's election and are still hoping to introduce such a levy.

Ms Sage says she was acting within the law and insists the party will now work on changing the law.

Eugenie Sage signed off on the expansion of the existing Otakiri Springs plant near Whakatāne. Source: 1 NEWS

Co-leader Marama Davidson admitted there was "widespread concern" in the party, and the decision doesn't align with its kaupapa.