Nigel Latta calls for weekend device ban for kids 'frozen immobile' at screens

The child psychologist wants the first weekend of September be a device-free weekend for families.

Ashley Madison email addresses revealed

The personal data of those who signed up to the adultery website was reportedly released in the dark net today.


Adding GST to downloads will 'cost 4x amount of revenue it will generate' - accountant

Kiwis are tuning out of John Key's plan to impose GST on downloads.


GST coming on overseas movie, music downloads

GST on online services could be in force by Christmas.

Google searches for new name, comes up with Alphabet

Google search, maps and YouTube get a rejig.


'It's mortifying!' Benedict Cumberbatch declares war on fans filming him

The star had an issue - and so did the logical thing and asked for help.


Smartphone app turns idle cars into money makers

Renee Graham finds out about a new app which will allow you to hire your car out without handing over the keys.


Android users beware: A simple picture message could let hackers in

A security flaw allows hackers to take full control of someone's phone.


A simple picture message facilitates Android phone hacking

New research suggests that the bug allows hackers to take full control of all device functions.


Want to use a drone at night? Soon you'll need permission

New regulations for unmanned aerial vehicles come into force next month.


New drone laws coming into force

The Civil Aviation Authority has already investigated 57 incidents involving drones in 2015.


Hackers in US remotely shut down car on busy road

Hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have successfully tested a tool that can hijack a car over the internet.

'They should be perspiring': Ashley Madison hack a warning to Kiwis over online privacy

More than 127,000 New Zealanders are reportedly signed up to the site.

'As a guy, do you want to see feminine health products?' - Wi-Fi provider defends gender question

Auckland Wi-Fi users were asked to choose their gender on a public network.

'What the heck is this?'- Gender selection required for Auckland's Wi-Fi users

Wi-Fi users wishing to gain access to a wireless internet service were required to enter their gender.

Hackers find hole in airline website - and score a million flight miles as a reward

The two men who found the flaw could circle Earth 40 times.

Kiwis trust telcos less than the government around data security - survey

More than half of all New Zealanders believe personal information held by their telco will be accessed without their permission.

Ever wanted to shower with your smartphone? Now you can

If you've ever had the urge to chat with a mate while soaping yourself in the shower, here's your chance.

New York Stock Exchange shut down over 'technical issue'

The exchange claims the issue was not related to a breach of its systems.

Rise of the machines: Are NZers ready for technology to take over their homes?

Experts are predicting it’s only a matter of time before app-controlled homes are common.


Good Sorts: Sid Patel is giving kids a chance

A humble Kawhia hotel owner is helping to ease the cost of sending kids to school with donations of digital devices and stationary.


Simulators used for Christchurch bus drivers

Red bus drivers working out of the newly opened exchange have been learning how to reverse.


Go kart + jet engine = Mario Kart

Crazy DIY inventor Colin Furze is back again with another ridiculously insane new invention, a jet powered go kart.

New apps make streaming video more accessible

Periscope and Meerkat allow users to instantly tune into the lives of millions of people around the world.

Review: Galaxy S6 phones are Samsung's best yet

Advance orders begin today in the US, with delivery expected April 11 in New Zealand.


Christchurch students' ideas for new software products

This story could leave you feeling a little tech-challenged.


Kiwi man 3D prints world's smallest working drill

Auckland man Lance Abernethy has built a working drill, measuring just 7.5mm wide, using a 3D printer.


Robert Downey Jr. gives bionic 'Iron Man' arm to kid

The Megastar gave a bionic 3D printed arm to a boy born with a partially devolved right arm.

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