A Google sign, the Twitter app, YouTube TV logo and the Facebook app.

Privacy laws may actually strengthen Facebook and Google

The social media and search giants are under fire, but they may in the end gain from law changes.

The partnership comes as the government announces new tax incentives for research and development in the innovation sector.

Nelson company partner with Israeli biotech firm to produce valuable algae

Supreme Health is an example of how good R and D can bring benefits to NZ.

Grayson, Neils and Stefan from Henderson High School are onto a winner with their take on popular electronic bikes.

Three intrepid Auckland high school students turning bicycles into e-bikes

Kiwi ingenuity with a modern twist as boys use old laptops to make batteries.

The Kiwi blitzed the competition to take home the top prize at Carrara Stadium.

Record data use as Kiwis stream Commonwealth Games action

Viewing peaked during the Opening Ceremony, Chorus says.

An emotional Zuckerberg admitted mistakes were made under intense questioning by senators.

Mark Zuckerberg meets with US lawmakers following Facebook data breach scandal

He said unsatisfied Facebook members can adjust their privacy settings - or delete their accounts.

Up to 63,724 Kiwis may have been affected by Cambridge Analytica data 'misuse'

The company is under investigation for obtaining data about people for political uses.

PhD candidate Deepti Aggarwal is using the wearable technology to help people who couldn’t usually get to a physio to receive treatment.

Australian student using 'smart socks' to allow remote treatment by a physiotherapist

Deepti Aggarwal's socks send data to pysiotherapists in real time to increase access to therapeutic care.

COO Sheryl Sandberg revealed Facebook knew of the breach almost three years ago.

'We thought the data had been deleted' - Facebook executive speaks on data breach scandal

Facebook received legal assurances the company had deleted the improperly obtained information.

Centre of our galaxy teeming with black holes - new find by astronomers

In the rest of the massive Milky Way, scientists have only spotted about five dozen black holes so far,

Conference workers speak in front of a demo booth at Facebook's annual F8 developer conference in San Jose, California.

Up to 87 million affected in Facebook privacy scandal

Cambridge Analytica, a data-mining firm has been accused of using ill-gotten data from Facebook users.

New animated video series created to cut down barriers to justice system

The nine videos were created by the Otago Legal Issues Centre.

Microsoft on verge of major breakthrough in quantum computing

The machine will process information much faster than today's most powerful supercomputers.

Facebook has breached New Zealand's Privacy Act, Commissioner says

The social media company refused a complainant access to personal information held on the account of several users, the Commission says, but Facebook says the Act doesn't apply to them.

A screenshot graphic showing a Twitter exchange between Elon Musk and other users leading to the billionaire deleting both the SpaceX and Tesla Facebook pages.

'If you're the man?' - Elon Musk casually deletes the Tesla and Spacex Facebook pages after a Twitter user challenged him

In what looks to be a protest against the social media mega-site, Musk nonchalently axed the verified pages of his two biggest companies - each with 2.6 million likes on the clock.

A new app has been created that harnesses artificial intelligence to foster te reo Maori.

New app 'Reobot' aims to normalise the use of the Maori language

The interactive app has launched on social media to harnesses artificial intelligence to foster Te Reo Maori.

A Sea of Thieves promotional image.

Opinion: Kiwis are paying a third more for video games and that's not OK anymore

A game released today costs 32 per cent more from the New Zealand Microsoft site than the US site.

Consumer New Zealand says no complaints have been made against the popular device here.

New Fitbit feature added to track menstrual cycles

It aims to look at how menstrual cycle impacts sleep, weight and nutrition.

Watch: World's first self-piloted electric air taxi takes off in Christchurch

The futuristic aircraft rises into the air like a helicopter, flies like a plane and lands like a helicopter.

A helicopter carrying crew from ONE News heads for the West Coast following this morning's fatal crash.

Isolated West Coast township of Haast to get cell phone coverage for first time

A 3G tower will be built to service the population of 240 people.

Meet 'Flippy' the all-new burger flipping robot set to revolutionise fast food industry

The robot has recently begun working at Cali-Burger in Los Angeles.

It comes as the company prepares to delist from the NZ stock exchange.

Rod Drury stepping down as head of Kiwi accounting software giant Xero

After 11 years at the helm, Rod Drury will hand over leadership of Xero to Steve Vamos.

She's touted as being faster, safer and more cost effective than hiring a human security guard.

Kiwi company unveils 110kg security robot called ‘Harriet’

She's touted as being faster, safer and more cost effective than hiring a human security guard.

Does a dip in sales mean we have reached peak smartphone?

New smartphones are being released as the industry's biggest annual show takes place in Barcelona.

Nokia re-releases 8110 'banana phone' as former tech giant continues revival

First released in 1996, the mobile famously featured in the original Matrix film.

A Canterbury University scientist has developed a neuromorphic computer chip.

Computer chip that mimics human brain could power everyday devices

A Canterbury University scientist has developed a neuromorphic computer chip.

It's the brainchild of two Mt Maunganui siblings and it’s being rolled out in New Zealand.

Kiwi brothers' app changing the way crowds interact with sporting giants like NBA's Phoenix Suns

DROPIT is the brainchild of two Mt Maunganui siblings and it's being rolled out in NZ.

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