Good Sorts: Sid Patel is giving kids a chance

A humble Kawhia hotel owner is helping to ease the cost of sending kids to school with donations of digital devices and stationary.


Simulators used for Christchurch bus drivers

Red bus drivers working out of the newly opened exchange have been learning how to reverse.


Go kart + jet engine = Mario Kart

Crazy DIY inventor Colin Furze is back again with another ridiculously insane new invention, a jet powered go kart.

New apps make streaming video more accessible

Periscope and Meerkat allow users to instantly tune into the lives of millions of people around the world.

Review: Galaxy S6 phones are Samsung's best yet

Advance orders begin today in the US, with delivery expected April 11 in New Zealand.


Christchurch students' ideas for new software products

This story could leave you feeling a little tech-challenged.


Kiwi man 3D prints world's smallest working drill

Auckland man Lance Abernethy has built a working drill, measuring just 7.5mm wide, using a 3D printer.


Robert Downey Jr. gives bionic 'Iron Man' arm to kid

The Megastar gave a bionic 3D printed arm to a boy born with a partially devolved right arm.

NASA scientists puzzled by bright lights on dwarf planet

NASA scientists are bewildered by two unusual bright lights shining from a dwarf planet.


What is your mobile phone doing to your brain?

A University of Auckland study has the results of whether or not they?re causing brain cancer.


Robots replace injured US students

Some injured students can now see, hear and talk in class despite being at home thanks to robots.


TV's the highlight of Samsung's 2015 range

Gadget Guy John Buckley brings Breakfast the latest news from Bangkok, previewing Samsung's 2015 range.


Near-death experience inspires popular new app

A new game inspired by a Kiwi man?s life-changing fall is proving a hit worldwide.


Jurors set to experience virtual crime scenes

ESR has revealed its latest crime fighting tool - a 3D scanner which will give juries a better picture of a crime scene.


GoPro deal to give fans taste of big hits on ice (+video)

The deal with NHL will air footage from GoPro cameras on players, referees and the rink.


Confused about your career path? There?s a new app for you

An app that rates the earnings, fees and job prospects for a range of careers was launched today.


US public give up online passwords in cyber security faux pas

It didn?t take much for the Jimmy Kimmel Show to probe these keen citizens into coughing up their passwords.


New weapon in police arsenal

New Zealand police are looking at how forces overseas are arming themselves with a new weapon.

Google Glass sales halted over 'freakish' label

Consumers saw Google Glass as a weird contraption rather than a hip accessory.

New curved smartphone model revealed

The G Flex II has a less curvy screen, a smaller design and a 'self-healing' coating.


Meet Baxter: The new generation of robot workers

They have arms, faces and even names, but they won?t take a break or demand a paycheck.


Kiwis meet man behind Pixar

A few lucky New Zealanders had the chance to meet the man who co-founded Pixar.


Dangerous toys which could top Christmas wish lists

Remote controlled drones are likely to be at the top of many Christmas lists this year.


App helps users craft the perfect apology

An app has come to the rescue of those afraid of face-to-face apologies.

Netflix is finally coming to New Zealand

The movie and TV streaming service will launch here soon.


Google robot shows off Karate Kid moves

It may not move with lightning speed but this robot's karate skills are an engineering marvel.

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