Are cellphones making us become spectators of our lives?

A photo from the movie Black Mass has gone viral, can you see why?

'Like' this? Facebook testing out new emotion buttons

California-based social network is testing out buttons that represent the emotions of love, yay, ha ha, wow, angry and sad.


Surface Book laptop the surprise in Microsoft's new arsenal of tech products

Microsoft today unveiled a new laptop, a tablet, three phones and a fitness tracker.

Engineer sacked over whopping $23k phone bill

The man ran up $23,500 in roaming charges on his work phone on a trip back to Sri Lanka, then turned up for work a day late.

Kim Dotcom hearing: 'As long as there is internet, there will be piracy'

Skype messages between the four defendants have been read to the court.

Dotcom extradition trial proves slow going on day two

The Crown are attempting to have Dotcom extradited to America to face further charges.


iPhone 6S hits NZ market this morning

Spark says NZ is the first country to have general sale of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.


Tim Wilson’s guide to taking safe selfies

A website has claimed more people have died taking selfies this year than from shark attacks.

Volkswagen boss 'endlessly sorry' over emissions evasion scandal

Some 11 million of the German carmaker's diesel vehicles worldwide were fitted with software that evaded US emissions controls.


Dotcom's extradition hearing finally gets underway with legal argument

The US is trying to extradite the internet entrepreneur and three others for copyright infringement.


Empathy is better connected to a real person, not through a Facebook button

Facebook has decided to introduce a ‘dislike’ button but critics say it will encourage bullying.


Landline phones become yesterday's technology for thousands of Kiwis

Nearly 160,000 Chorus customers now don't have a landline phone, opting instead for mobile technology.

Facebook's new 'dislike' button could encourage bullying - NetSafe

Not everyone is greeting Facebook's big news with joy.


'It's a no brainer' - forestry industry's shift to machines to save lives of loggers

Nelson logging boss Dale Ewers says he hasn't fired any of his workers despite his business being more than 80 per cent mechanised.


'There's not special offices' - Zuckerberg gives live tour of new Facebook HQ

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg says his company’s all about wide, open working spaces.

Kiwi kids big school computer users - but are they doing any better?

An OECD study finds students who use computers "very frequently" at school do much worse.

Kiwis continue to fall for the 'is there a problem with your computer?' phone scam

New Zealanders are once again being targeted by scammers, with one losing up to $5000.

Techapuna? Auckland’s North Shore pipped to be next Silicon Valley

A growing number of business, academic, and Government leaders are backing the potential development.


Apple shows off its new goodies

What has Apple brought to the table this year? And will it appeal?


Piggy banks give way to the world's first digital money box

It looks like a toy elephant with a screen, but it fills up digitally with coins swiped from a phone.


Nigel Latta calls for weekend device ban for kids 'frozen immobile' at screens

The child psychologist wants the first weekend of September be a device-free weekend for families.

Ashley Madison email addresses revealed

The personal data of those who signed up to the adultery website was reportedly released in the dark net today.


Adding GST to downloads will 'cost 4x amount of revenue it will generate' - accountant

Kiwis are tuning out of John Key's plan to impose GST on downloads.


GST coming on overseas movie, music downloads

GST on online services could be in force by Christmas.

Google searches for new name, comes up with Alphabet

Google search, maps and YouTube get a rejig.


'It's mortifying!' Benedict Cumberbatch declares war on fans filming him

The star had an issue - and so did the logical thing and asked for help.


Smartphone app turns idle cars into money makers

Renee Graham finds out about a new app which will allow you to hire your car out without handing over the keys.


Android users beware: A simple picture message could let hackers in

A security flaw allows hackers to take full control of someone's phone.


A simple picture message facilitates Android phone hacking

New research suggests that the bug allows hackers to take full control of all device functions.

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