Aussie businesses are bracing themselves for the imminent arrival of Amazon, employing various new strategies.

Ebay sues Amazon, saying it tried to poach its sellers

Ebay says the online retail giant coordinated a purposeful campaign to illegally lure third party sellers to jump ship.

Kiev, Ukraine - May 21, 2014: Woman holding a brand new Apple iPad Air and looking on  YouTube music playlist on a screen. YouTube is the world's most popular online video-sharing website that founded in February 14, 2005

YouTube is back, stop calling the police

The streaming service has fixed the site after it went offline on Wednesday afternoon.

A publicity photo for Facebook's Portal device.

Security concerns cloud Facebook’s first electronic device - a camera-equipped gadget for making video calls

It's unclear if people will open their homes to an internet-connected camera sold by a company with a questionable track record on protecting user privacy.

Analysts have told 1 NEWS they think the Defence Force is already preparing for cyber attack.

Defending ourselves is no longer enough to fight off cyber attacks, experts say

Analysts have told 1 NEWS they think the Defence Force is already preparing to fight back.

A man holds an iPhone mobile phone handset.

'Snapcrap' app launched in San Francisco to report poop and needles on city streets

The city has famously grimy streets. One newcomer decided to do something about it.

Aeronavics has helped with rhino conservation in Africa, now it’s turning its attention to helping New Zealand’s native species.

Drones could count possums, drop 1080 under Raglan company's plans

Aeronavics has helped with rhino conservation in South Africa, now it's aiming to help NZ's native species.

Kiwis are being targeted by a likely "reverse charge" scam pretending to be Uber.

Kiwis targeted by premium SMS 'Uber Code' text message scam

The messages come from a four-digit number, and give a random four-digit "Uber code".

New Zealand hasn’t been affected by these attacks, but the GCSB says we can’t relax.

New Zealand's GCSB links 'malicious' cyber activity to Russia

"New Zealand organisations were not directly affected ... [but we are] ... seeing a range of activity in New Zealand that contains indicators which can be linked to Russian state actors."

Facebook icon mobile app generic file smartphone

Facebook says 50 million users affected by security breach, hackers still unknown

The hack involved a bug in Facebook's "View As" feature, allowing attackers to control the accounts of users.

Seven Sharp’s Tim Wilson did some research, via Google.

Watch: As Google celebrates 20 years, what's in store for its future?

Seven Sharp's Tim Wilson did some research, via Google of course.

The vehicle will be in the air next year, but you’ll need a pilot’s licence.

World's first ever flying car to hit the shelves next month

Manufactured in China, the first ever airborne vehicle will be available from 2019.

Berlin, Germany - 05 21 2016:  Apple iPhone 6s screen with social media applications Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc.

Instagram co-founders resign from social media company

No explanation was given for the pair's sudden departure

Facebook icon mobile app generic file smartphone

Australian firm to launch 'first kid friendly' mobile phone

The Android phone has built-in controls that allow parents to restrict usage.

Seven Sharp’s Michael Holland was there.

'It's really going to take off from here' - Audi launch first ever electric car

Seven Sharp's Michael Holland was in San Francisco for the long awaited release.

More companies have gone into streamlining health and safety features such as picking up your arrival using  your phone and printing out your name tag ready to go when you arrive.

Vodafone's 'unlimited' mobile plan comes under Commerce Commission scrutiny

The plan has a number of restrictions listed on its promo page.

Derek Handley says he’ll donate the compensation but is disappointed at the way the issue was handled.

Government pays $107k to retract chief technology officer job offer to entrepreneur Derek Handley

The tech entrepreneur, who moved from the US to New Zealand for the job, says he will donate the payout.

New mobile app Kupu uses photo recognition technology to offer Māori translations of words.

Most read: Spark, Google release free photo recognition Māori translation app

Kupu been released in conjunction with Māori Language Week.

Whetu Cormick’s comments come in response to France’s nationwide ban on pupils having mobile devices at school.

Total ban on cell phones in NZ schools 'very difficult', Principals Federation says, as France cracks down

France is introducing an outright ban on mobile phones at schools starting this month, in what they called a "detox" law for a generation increasingly reliant on screens.

It comes after such as app has been banned in Britain.

Kiwi women cautioned over using popular fertility cycle apps

"Fertility apps ... do make a lot of assumptions,"an medical expert says.

Graphic warning: Audio of Florida mass shooting captured on livestream

A gunman has killed multiple people in Florida this morning.

Waikato designer Mike Williams says he never saw himself making lifelike artificial animals, but he’s now producing cows, dogs and even a camel.

Animal mannequins have heartbeat, give birth and even poo – all to aid vet training

Waikato designer Mike Williams says he never saw himself making lifelike artificial animals, but he’s now producing cows, dogs and even a camel.

Fair Go has the password that re-unites a mother and daughter with their lost loved one.

Most read: Nelson woman delighted after Apple unlocks late husband's iPhone, to access precious memories

After Haley Brabant came to Fair Go, Apple assigned an employee to Haley's case and now the phone has been unlocked.

Rick Shera says people have the right not to incriminate themselves, as Australia looks at give police more surveillance power over social media.

Can police force you to unlock your social accounts? No, says privacy lawyer

Australia is currently considering giving their police more power force social media networks to hand over sensitive data - or face a huge fine.

Engineering is still a man's world but new gadgets are designed to get more woman and young people enthused.

Engineering expos push for more women, young people to enter industry

Women make up only 14 per cent of the workforce, and the average age of engineers is around 42.

Kris Taylor of Auckland University says there are always ways to get around bans, particularly in the world of technology.

Online pornography age limit would be hard to police, says expert

The Government wants compulsory age verification on such sites.

Sneak peek inside NZ's first 'smart hotel' in Queenstown, where phones become keys

The $15 million development is in the heart of the tourist town.

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