No screen time for babies, only 1 hour per day for kids under 5, WHO recommends
The New Zealand and French leaders have announced what’s called the Christchurch Call today.
PM Jacinda Ardern leads global campaign to rid terrorism from social media
The Prime Minister spoke with the Facebook founder about the global initiative to battle terrorism on the internet.
'Condolences were shared' over Christchurch terrorist attack during conversation between Ardern and Mark Zuckerberg
Many say it’s only a matter of time before esports hit the big time.
Gamers could soon be tasting success at the Olympics
Health group Te Whare Hauora has introduced sensors to alert officials of damp housing conditions.
New technology will let you know if your house is making you sick
Telsa CEO plans to hand the car keys to robots next year
Samsung delays launch of folding phone following breaking issues
A small number were genuine emergencies where the caller was too terrified to talk.
Police took more than 55,000 silent 111 calls last year, new figures reveal
UK will become the first country to make it mandatory for all porn websites to verify that their users are over 18.
New law designed to stop children accessing online porn coming into force soon in UK
Bonding over broken toasters and ripped jeans answer to repairing fragmented communities
The Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone is seen during a media preview event in London, Tuesday April 16, 2019.
Reviews reveal Samsung's new folding phones are already breaking
The details come as new technology is developed to combat drones that are causing a nuisance at airports globally.
New details suggest Gatwick Airport Christmas drone incidents were insider job
A man bought phones using a fake foreign passport, then sold them, and they don't work.
Spark fined $675,000 after failure to stop bills, 7000 customers still owed
In embarrassing end to $148m mission, Israeli spacecraft crashes moments before moon landing
Commercial Communications Council Chief Executive Paul Head told Breakfast nothing has been done so far.
NZ 'has a major role' to play globally if Jacinda Ardern is willing to come down hard on Facebook - expert
Facebook icon mobile app generic file smartphone
AI to find Facebook profiles of dead people, avoid painful reminders for family
Privacy Commissioner John Edwards believes it could be a good idea that the media approaches people before using their photos and videos online.
'Pathological liars' - Privacy Commissioner lashes out at Facebook over Christchurch live stream
South Korea first country to launch 5G networks
The number of accidents involving automated systems is on the rise.
Study suggests it's time to debate the morality of machines
Las Vegas - Circa July 2017: Fulfillment Center. Amazon is the Largest Internet-Based Retailer in the United States V
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos finalises divorce, giving ex-wife 4% of online empire
Australia set to pass legislation to curb 'abhorrent violent material' being live streamed on social media platforms
Trading job security for flexibility, we look at how Lime ‘juicers’ are at the forefront of New Zealand’s evolving work culture.
Gig-economy an easy choice for Aucklander who gets paid to 'juice' Lime scooters
Simon Moutter will step down as head of New Zealand’s largest telco in July.
Spark CEO Simon Moutter announces shock resignation
The online safety organisation’s Martin Cocker explained how scammers are “getting better at their job”.
Kiwis reported $33m in losses to online scams last year, triple 2017 total - Netsafe
A pair of former school mates, Caley Wilson and Ross McConnell, developed Blinder – an app that allows stars to talk to media without handing out their phone numbers.
Sunday Innovate: Blind calling
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls for worldwide 'rules for the Internet' in wake of Christchurch terrorist attack
Netsafe cautious on Facebook's promise of live-streaming changes
The social media giant says it’s ‘exploring’ restrictions on who can live stream.
Facebook's response to live streaming concerns in wake of Christchurch terror attacks not enough, Chief Censor says
New moa-like robot glides around, working in warehouse
Jacinda Ardern with Facebook inset.
Facebook and Instagram break their silence, reveal what they are doing about hate in wake of Christchurch attack