Some argue that the filter, which Snapchat calls a "lens," could be a therapeutic tool that leads to self-discovery.
Gender filter stirs emotions for some trans people
Māori women are vastly underrepresented in the country’s fastest-growing sector.
More Māori women needed in technology sector, tech company founder says - 'who better to build for us than us?'
The US and Australia have made a similar move over the Chinese company.
Vodafone says buyers should be wary of Huawei phones as 'uncertainty' over Google software continues
Jacinda Ardern and Emmanuel Macron chaired the summit.
John Armstrong's opinion: Christchurch Call 'nothing short of a triumph' for Jacinda Ardern
President Donald Trump speaking in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington. Dismissing a tell-all book by a former White House aide as “made up stories and fiction.”
President Trump declares national emergency that appears to target China's Huawei
A digital security expert gives the latest tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.
How to avoid being the victim of hackers targeting Kiwi loyalty schemes
The changes come in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attack livestreamed on the platform.
Facebook's live streaming restrictions 'good first step' but more work to do - PM
Advertisers who walked away from Facebook say they’re too small to make a difference.
Facebook tightens restrictions on live streaming following Christchurch terrorist attacks
Streaming services like Netflix have slowly led to a decrease in peer-to-peer file sharing.
InternetNZ says copyright law is ‘irrelevant and unused,’ as file sharing crackdown whimpers out
Technology commentator Paul Brislen says there is currently no way to stop offensive content being livestreamed.
Mitigating sharing of Facebook livestreams 'critical' in stopping harmful videos
Spyware by 'advanced cyber actor' infects targeted mobiles through WhatsApp
Jacinda Ardern has 'real opportunity' for change at Christchurch Call summit - Helen Clark
Intelligence and policy analyst Paul Buchanan explained the UK’s provisional conditions in allowing for the rollout of the network.
New Zealand told to follow UK example over handling of Huawei 5G network
Woman with smartphone (file picture).
Kiwi student creates app to help teachers pronounce names properly
Doctors say the innovation could improve transplant procedures by cutting delays.
Unmanned drone successfully transports donor kidney to patient
This combination of file photo shows minister Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, in Tehran, Iran, on Nov. 8, 2018, left, and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in Washington on Sept. 5, 2018, right. Facebook has banned Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones and others from its platform and from Instagram saying they violated its ban against hate and violence. The company said Thursday it has also banned extreme right-wing figures Paul Nehlen, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer and the conservative conspiracy site Infowars. Jones was already banned from Facebook but not from Instagram. (AP Photo)
Facebook bans Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones for hate speech
Impact of screen time on children seen first-hand by parents
The cancelled 'Māui' skin, as shown on the Z1 Battle Royale website before it was removed.
US game developer cancels release of Māori skin after apparent backlash
Single sad teen holding a mobile phone lamenting sitting on the bed in her bedroom with a dark light in the background
Research finds some Kiwi teens are posting mean or harmful content about themselves online
The changes are part of CEO Mark Zuckerberg's broader strategy for countering Facebook's growing array of critics, emboldened regulators and competitors.
Facebook launches major redesign of app, website following series of public sharing scandals
The Trade Minister was asked if anyone from any Chinese delegation raised New Zealand's Huawei 5G decision.
China 'made clear' rules should be fairly applied over Huawei - Trade Minister
Ma'a Nonu gets stick from Blues teammates after bringing $140,000 Tesla car to training - 'It's my wife's car!'
No screen time for babies, only 1 hour per day for kids under 5, WHO recommends
The New Zealand and French leaders have announced what’s called the Christchurch Call today.
PM Jacinda Ardern leads global campaign to rid terrorism from social media
The Prime Minister spoke with the Facebook founder about the global initiative to battle terrorism on the internet.
'Condolences were shared' over Christchurch terrorist attack during conversation between Ardern and Mark Zuckerberg
Many say it’s only a matter of time before esports hit the big time.
Gamers could soon be tasting success at the Olympics
Health group Te Whare Hauora has introduced sensors to alert officials of damp housing conditions.
New technology will let you know if your house is making you sick
Tesla CEO plans to hand the car keys to robots next year
A small number were genuine emergencies where the caller was too terrified to talk.
Police took more than 55,000 silent 111 calls last year, new figures reveal
New law designed to stop children accessing online porn coming into force soon in UK