'We’ll be able to put them in place' – Aussies confident new gameplan will take down Black Ferns Sevens at World Cup

Australia's women's sevens team might be the reigning world series champions but there's been a hint of panic from them ahead of the World Cup.

After arriving in San Francisco, the Aussies revealed they've got a new game plan to combat the Kiwis specifically.

"We know what the Kiwis are going to bring it against us," player Shannon Parry said.

"It's about coming up with new plans which we've been able to do.

"Hopefully, if we do come across New Zealand at this World Cup we'll be able to put them in place."

Big words, but in a knockout tournament, the Black Ferns Sevens say it's a mistake to look too far ahead.

Coach Allan Bunting says the Kiwis are only focusing on game one against Mexico.

"We've got to get to Aussie first, that's probably the most important thing.

"And hopefully they get to us - I think there's a few people standing in their path – y’know, the French - they probably got to focus on them a little bit more."

Every game of the men's and women's Rugby World Cup Sevens will be live from July 21-23 on TVNZ's Duke channel - Freeview 13, Sky 23, and streaming on

After three straight loses in finals this year, the Aussies admit they needed a new strategy. Source: 1 NEWS

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