Watch: Fists fly after Georgian rugby match boils over into chaotic all-in brawl

A Georgian rugby match turned into a royal rumble on the weekend after nearly every player on the field got involved in a massive all-in brawl.

Georgian clubs Kharebi and Armazi were facing off in a Didi 10 (the top division competition in Georgia) match on Sunday in Rustavi when tempers boiled over and players began swinging fists in every direction.

It's not known what started the altercation.

Reserves and supporters rushed to the fence to scream at players to stop, with one sub even attempting to get on the field to get in the action - he was quickly pulled down by a teammate.

The fight eventually burned out with referees left to sort the mess.

Armazi won the game 22-17 with players reportedly still shaking hands after the match.