Sonny Bill Williams studying for a degree in applied management

Sonny Bill Williams is one of ten players from the Blues studying for a degree with the Otago Polytechnic – with the cross-code superstar working towards a Bachelor in Applied Management.

Williams, who has referred to his study in recent times on social media, was enrolled through Capable New Zealand, a school within Otago Polytechnic.

He, along with his Blues teammates, will complete the qualification remotely while occasionally utilising the polytechnic’s campus in the Auckland CBD.

Glenys Ker, Programme Leader of Capable NZ’s undergraduate programmes, said the players were “beautiful writers” who were able to give an insight into their personalities and achievements.

“It’s the first time Capable NZ has had a group from a sports club undertake this study with the benefit that they can work as a group, learning and sharing together,” Ker said.

“They have 10 months to complete their studies and, hopefully, they will graduate in April 2019.

Sonny Bill Williams has referred to his university life on social media in recent times. Source: Instagram/Sonny Bill Williams