Israel Folau's hell-worthy sins list leaves Breakfast's Jack Tame baffled - 'I've got about five or six'

The list of sins Wallabies fullback Israel Folau highlighted in his latest controversial social media post has drawn plenty of response - both in backlash and with a little bit of humour.

Folau said on his Instagram account last night that "drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters" have hell awaiting them unless they repent.

The list left TVNZ1's Breakfast hosts both taken aback and amused as they admitted they've violated multiple of Folau's offences.

"I'm five or six out of that list," Jack Tame said.

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    Folau says hell awaits drunks, homosexuals, fornicators and others. Source: Breakfast

    Co-host Hayley Holt one-upped Tame, though.

    "Unfortunately, I'm a seven," she said.

    "Of course you are," Tame teased.

    Breakfast guest Mark Crysell, a reporter for TVNZ1's Sunday, didn't reveal his number but compared Folau to another famous rugby player when he questioned the need for being so public with his faith.

    "I think the point is that it's OK to have those beliefs but do you use them publically?" Crysell said.

    "We were talking just before about Sonny Bill Williams - he's very devout in his beliefs but I'm not aware he has said anything about people that is offensive like this or could be categorised as hate speech."

    Rugby Australia and the Waratahs have since come out and stated they are against Folau's post and have called in the Integrity Unit to investigate the issue.

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      On a more serious note, the team discussed how Folau has gone from speaking about his beliefs to hate speech. Source: Breakfast

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