Clinical Crusaders claim southern derby victory over Highlanders

Relive 1 NEWS' live coverage of the Super Rugby Aotearoa clash between the Highlanders and the Crusaders, from Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin.

Sevu Reece scores against the Highlanders Source: Photosport

8:50pm: FULLTIME - Highlanders 20 Crusaders 40

TRY!!! Will Jordan take a bow! He's deserved that, what a game he's had. After snuffing a Highlanders attack, Jordan gathers the ball, before a chip over the top - which he regathers himself, to score.

Mo'unga with the kick, and that's that.

8:47pm: 78 mins - Highlanders 20 Crusaders 33

TRY!!! The Crusaders camped in the Highlanders' 22 at the moment. The Crusaders go wide to Taylor, who draws in the defender to find Christie - who beats Koroi and goes over in the corner! That should be the game.

Mo'unga slots the kick, and the Highlanders now have to score twice in the final minutes.

8:44pm: 75 mins - Highlanders 20 Crusaders 26

Mitch Hunt gives away a cynical penalty, and the Crusaders want the points.

Mo'unga with the chance to push the lead out to nine points here. but he's missed! 

8:41pm: 73 mins - Highlanders 20 Crusaders 26

Big call for the Highlanders here, as Smith is replaced by Hammington at halfback. Hunt's attempted touch finder is kept in by Jordan and the Crusaders launch an attack! Mo'unga goes for the drop kick, but falls short.

8:38pm: 71 mins - Highlanders 20 Crusaders 26

Sanders and Ennor combine as the Crusaders charge at the line, they go wide to Christie looking for his second, but the Highlanders have pinched it! Aaron Smith clears.

8:37pm: 70 mins - Highlanders 20 Crusaders 26

Slight delay for a blood bin replacement, and the Crusaders have a scrum. They look to just keep possession now, as Goodhue tries to break the line. Advantage Crusaders for not rolling away.

Mo'unga kicks for the corner and a Crusaders lineout.

8:28pm: 61 mins - Highlanders 20 Crusaders 26

What a try! Sevu Reece is on the field and has an immediate impact! The Crusaders are go wide to their winger - on to replace the injured Havili - and he dives over Collins to score in the corner!

The Crusaders are purring at the moment. 

Mo'unga to add the extras here, but it drifts to the left of the post.

8:23pm: 57 mins - Highlanders 20 Crusaders 21

The Highlanders can hit back though as Frizell and Dixon combine! The Highlanders go wide to Nareki who should score - but Richie Mo'unga clobbers him! 

We'll go back for the advantage, but the Highlanders have missed a golden chance there.

Hunt can bring the scores back to within one here. Hunt makes no mistake from in front.

8:17pm: 52 mins - Highlanders 17 Crusaders 21

TRY!!! The Crusaders turn defence into attack as Jordan and Dunshea combine. Havili steps through the defence as he takes the ball to the line, before the Crusaders go wide to Christie who goes over in the corner! Havili limps off afterwards though, that could be his night.

Cries for a yellow card for the Highlanders too as Ennor is taken out off the ball by Parkinson, but the referee keeps his card in his pocket.

Mo'unga adds the extras to put the Crusaders ahead.

8:12pm: 47 mins - Highlanders 17 Crusaders 14

The Crusaders get through 15 phases inside the Highlanders' half, before Nareki turns the ball over to get his side out of danger. Moody then gives away a penalty for leaving his feet.

Great defence from the Highlanders.

8:07pm: 43 mins - Highlanders 17 Crusaders 14

Penalty for the Highlanders to start the second half. Hunt finds touch and the Highlanders will have a lineout. Coltman throws, Dillon Hunt takes it. 

Parkinson gives away a penalty though, entering the ruck from the side.

8:05pm: 41 mins - Highlanders 17 Crusaders 14

We're back for the second 40, can the Crusaders come from behind for the win - or will the Highlanders hang on?

Mo'unga kicks off.

7:52pm: HALFTIME - Highlanders 17 Crusaders 14

Frizell wins the ball and the Highlanders attack. Advantage to the Highlanders though for offside, and the home side want the points.

Hunt can give the Highlanders the lead before the break, and he slots the kick as the siren goes!

7:50pm: 39 mins - Highlanders 14 Crusaders 14

Penalty against Thwaites and the Highlanders, and the Crusaders will have another lineout. The Highlanders win the ball though and can attack from their own half.

Smith nearly sends Nareki down the wing, before Jordan gives away a penalty. Hunt kicks for the corner and now the Highlanders have a lineout.

7:46pm: 35 mins - Highlanders 14 Crusaders 14

Faingaanuku breaks the line again as the Crusaders go close! Shades of a forward pass from Taylor, before Thompson gives away a penalty.

Tough call against the Highlanders, but Mo'unga will have a shot to level the scores. Mo'unga adds the points to even the scores before halftime!

7:42pm: 31 mins - Highlanders 14 Crusaders 11

The Crusaders looking for the instant reply. They get through 13 phases in the Highlanders' half, before winning a penalty as Tu'u leaves his feet.

The Crusaders want the points though. Mo'unga lines up the shot from in front, and he doesn't miss.

7:39pm: 27 mins - Highlanders 14 Crusaders 8

TRY!!! Highlanders lineout, Coltman can't hear the call though. The throw is over the top but Aaron Smith pounces and is through!

The Highlanders fly at the Crusaders here, before they go wide to Punivai who scores in the corner! The Highlanders take the lead.

Mitch Hunt with his second of the night, this one from the left touchline, and he brings it back through the sticks!

7:32pm: 20 mins - Highlanders 7 Crusaders 8

TRY!!! The Highlanders go close now as the forward pack surge through Shannon Frizell! The All Blacks forward drives up the middle and over the line, but has he grounded?

Referee's on field decision is try. No clear evidence to overturn the original decision, and the try stands! The Highlanders on the board!

Hunt to convert from in front, and he makes it look easy.

7:27pm: 17 mins - Highlanders 0 Crusaders 8

Back underway.

7:25pm: 17 mins - Highlanders 0 Crusaders 8

We'll have a delay, Josh Dickson is seriously hurt and needs to be taken from the field on a stretcher.

7:24pm: 17 mins - Highlanders 0 Crusaders 8

TRY!!! Faingaanuku breaks from nowhere before nearly putting Dunshea away! The Crusaders are on the line with advantage. 

Drummond goes to the backs, as Goodhue finds Havili, who finds Ennor, who puts Jordan in to score in the corner! Has he stayed in though?

We'll check the grounding. It all looks above board, and the TMO confirms the try! Jordan grabs the first try of the night!

Mo'unga to try and convert from the sideline, and he pushes it wide to the left.

7:20pm: 14 mins - Highlanders 0 Crusaders 3

Highlanders' front row collapses, Lienert-Brown against Alaalatoa, so the Crusaders will have a 5m lineout. Another overthrow from Taylor though, Hunt claims, Smith clears.

7:18pm: 12 mins - Highlanders 0 Crusaders 3

Highlanders lineout, Coltman throws but the Crusaders win it. Drummond's box kick is caught by Faingaanuku and the Crusaders can go wide to Jordan. The pick up isn't clean but the Crusaders keep the ball.

Dunshea goes up the guts, before Goodhue tries to go wide to Havili, who spills it. Highlanders scrum.

7:16pm: 10 mins - Highlanders 0 Crusaders 3

Taylor's throw is over the top to a waiting Mo'unga, who goes back inside to Faingaanuku. The Crusaders in a great position to attack now.

They go wide to the right as Havili hits the line. Into the 10th phase, and the Crusaders have advantage, offside against Hunt. Mo'unga kicks through under the advantage, but the Highlanders get back to recover. 

We go back for the penalty and this time the Crusaders want the points. Mo'unga lines it up, and doesn't miss.

7:13pm: 7 mins - Highlanders 0 Crusaders 0

To that lineout, Taylor's throw is held by Whitelock and the Crusaders run. Havili can't hang on to the ball though and we'll have a Highlanders scrum.

Aaron Smith feeds and the Crusaders come up with a massive shove. Smith is forced to clear with a box kick, Faingaanuku can't hang on, but Dickson is called for leaving his feet.

Another penalty and another lineout for the Crusaders.

7:10pm: 4 mins - Highlanders 0 Crusaders 0

The Highlanders give away a penalty for not rolling away, and so we'll go back. Daniel Lienert-Brown stays down hurt afterwards after a clash with Alaalatoa. Parkinson might need to go to the blood bin too.

Mo'unga finds touch and the Crusaders will have a lineout. 

7:07pm: 2 mins - Highlanders 0 Crusaders 0

Frizell wins the kickoff and the Highlanders attack from the outset! The hosts make their way towards the 22, before Drummond forces a knock on from Tu'u.

We'll have the first scrum of the night, Crusaders feed. Drummond feeds, and finds Goodhue as first receiver. The Highlanders turn it over though, but Thompson throws a shocking forward pass.

7:05pm: KICKOFF - Highlanders 0 Crusaders 0

Here we go then! Mitch Hunt kicks off to get the night underway under the roof!


A bigger cheer for the Highlanders though! The zoo erupts as Aaron Smith leads the home side out onto Forsyth Barr, kick off moments away!


Codie Taylor leads the Crusaders out onto the paddock, healthy Cantabrian support for the visitors tonight.


Good evening! Dunedin has turned on a stunner under the roof, so we should be in for a classic tonight! Kick off around 10 minutes away.


After more than two years, the Highlanders and Crusaders meet under the roof of Forsyth Barr Stadium once again.

That day saw the Highlanders take a 25-17 victory, however the Crusaders have lifted the Super Rugby trophy twice since then.

The Highlanders sit third on the Super Rugby Aotearoa table with a win and a loss, while the Crusaders find themselves in second with two wins.


Highlanders: 15. Michael Collins, 14. Ngatungane Punivai, 13, Rob Thompson, 12. Sio Tomkinson, 11. Jona Nareki, 10. Mitch Hunt, 9. Aaron Smith (cc), 8. Marino Mikaele Tu'u, 7. Dillon Hunt, 6. Shannon Frizell, 5. Josh Dickson, 4. Paripari Parkinson, 3. Jeff Thwaites, 2. Liam Coltman, 1. Daniel Lienert-Brown.

Reserves: 16. Ash Dixon (cc), 17. Ayden Johnstone, 18. Siate Tokolahi, 19. Jack Whetton, 20. Teariki Ben-Nicholas, 21. Kayne Hammington, 22. Bryn Gatland, 23. Vilimoni Koroi.

Crusaders: 15. David Havili, 14. Will Jordan, 13. Braydon Ennor, 12. Jack Goodhue, 11. Leicester Faingaanuku, 10. Richie Mo'unga, 9. Mitchell Drummond, 8. Whetukamokamo Douglas, 7. Tom Christie, 6. Ethan Blackadder, 5. Mitchell Dunshea, 4. Samuel Whitelock, 3.Michael Alaalatoa, 2. Codie Taylor (c), 1. Joe Moody.

Reserves: 16. Andrew Makalio, 17. George Bower, 18. Oliver Jager, 19. Quinten Strange, 20. Sione Havili, 21. Ereatara Enari, 22. Fetuli Paea, 23. Sevu Reece.