'So grateful' - Olympian Ella Williams gets Covid-19 vaccine after initial concerns

Despite her reservations, New Zealand Olympic surfer Ella Williams has revealed she has had her first Covid-19 vaccination ahead of her journey to Tokyo.

Kiwi Olympian Ella Williams poses with her Covid-19 vaccine card. Source: Ella Williams

Williams revealed to 1 NEWS earlier this month she wasn’t rushing to get the vaccine with the New Zealand Olympic Committee not making it mandatory for athletes.

Williams told 1 NEWS at the time part of her doubt stemmed from the idea of putting a foreign substance into her body, but on social media today she confirmed she has since moved past those concerns.

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Some have already had the jab but not everyone has been as quick to roll up their sleeves. Source: 1 Sport

"So grateful and privileged to be able to receive my first Covid-19 vaccination," Williams wrote on Facebook.

"Looking forward to the rest of New Zealand being able to receive the vaccine."

Attached to statement was a photo of Williams smiling with her Covid-19 vaccine card.

NZOC chief executive Kereyn Smith told 1 NEWS earlier this month they’d be working with uncertain athletes to help them make the best decisions.

“We're just gradually working through that process and also making sure that in the event that they're unsure about the vaccine, what difference will it make for the health and wellbeing for them, the team, Japanese people and New Zealanders on their return,” Smith said.

“Our absolute commitment is to get as many people vaccinated as we can.”