Over 100 volunteers gearing up for 'dream job' as race marshals at America’s Cup

More than 250 people applied to be volunteer course marshals for the next America’s Cup but that list has since been narrowed down to a lucky 124.

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The helpers will be tasked with setting up races and patrolling spectator boats out in the harbour. Source: 1 NEWS

The helpers will be all over the Waitemata Harbour when racing gets going with an estimated 5,000 spectator boats to keep an eye on when the regatta gets underway.

Martin Pagent, America's Cup Event water manager, told 1 NEWS the job is vital to the event though.

“They've been given some legal authority through the harbour master and council to be able to legally direct boats to do things, so they can tell people to stop operating, go in a different direction,” Pagent said.

“And if people don't comply with their instructions then we bring the other agencies in to take action.”  

As well as patrolling, volunteers will be laying out markers across the harbour before each race - each marker is four metres high and weighs 800 kilograms.

But for some, like Rotorua’s Kevin Winters, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

“I've done 25 years in Coastguard, so this is just another feather in the cap but this is the ultimate. This is the dream job.”

Winters admitted staying focused might be tricky at times for many of them though who double as sailing enthusiasts.

“These boats are going to be tapped out at over 100km an hour and we're going to have front row seats - not that we are looking at the yachts!”