Mark Hunt cleared to return to UFC after gaining medical approval from US brain specialists

New Zealand-born UFC star Mark Hunt has been cleared to fight again by doctors after admitting he had been suffering medical issues in an online article.

Hunt was suspended after he admitted in an article on the Players Voice he was slurring his words, struggling to sleep and forgetting things he had done 24 hours earlier.

The confession prompted UFC President Dana White to suspend the heavyweight fighter for "medical reasons" - a decision Hunt protested heavily saying words from the interview had been taken out of context.

Mark Hunt

Hunt accused White of the suspension being payback for his ongoing court case against the UFC over his UFC200 fight with Brock Lesnar in 2016.

Lesnar won the bout by unanimous decision but it was later overhauled to a no contest after Lesnar tested positive for performance enhancing drugs - a result which started Hunt's campaign against PEDs in MMA and the danger it has on disadvantaged fighters in the Octagon.

After the medical suspension, Hunt went and got tested by Australian brain experts to prove he was fine and able to compete, but despite them giving the all-clear, the UFC demanded he be tested again by American doctors.

Hunt met with specialists from the Lou Ruvo Centre for Brain Health in Las Vegas and they ruled him fit to resume his career in the Octagon.

"We've just had a conference call with the doctors in the States, who gave us the good news," Team Hunt manager Zen Ginnen told Nine News.

"The doctor said Mark scored well above average and that he’s good to compete. So they’ll ring the UFC now and let them know. We’re just waiting on the UFC to clear him."

Hunt wants his return to take place in Perth at UFC221 in February next year.

UFC fighter Mark Hunt in Auckland, Thursday 3 December 2015. Copyright Photo: Andrew Cornaga /
Kiwi UFC fighter Mark Hunt. Source: Photosport