Kiwi CrossFit champ off to US to compete for title of world's fittest man

New Zealand National CrossFit Champion Luke Fiso has secured a ticket to the CrossFit Games to compete for the title of fittest man on earth.

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Te Karere met with Luke Fisco, who secured himself a ticket to the CrossFit Games. Source: Te Karere

For almost six years, Fiso has been slogging hard to reach this point in his career.

“It's always been a big motivator for me to show that, not only like in New Zealand in general, but Māori and Pacific Islanders specifically can do well in something like this. I’m so happy to have qualified this year,” he told Te Karere.

It was no easy feat for Fiso, who had to gain the number one spot through various workouts in a five-week competition.

“I don't even know how to explain it because I’ve been trying to qualify for the CrossFit games for a few years now and it's always been a big part of why I do this, like for Māori and Pacific Islanders in particular, we don't get really well represented in like health statistics.”

He will be the first Māori to represent New Zealand in the CrossFit open men’s age group at Wisconsin in the US and will be competing against three-time CrossFit champ Mathew Fraser.

“He is kind of on another level when it comes to CrossFit, but he's human and he's beatable in certain events.”

An owner of Thorndon CrossFit in Wellington, Fiso says he’s sacrificed time with friends and family to keep up his training regime and is still fundraising to get to the states.

“I've sort of thrown all my chips in and now I’m going all in and hoping this is the best I can do.”

The four-day CrossFit competition kicks off August 1.