Joseph Parker to fight fellow Samoan heavyweight Alex Leapai

Joseph Parker's next fight is against fellow Samoan heavy weight Alex Leapai.

Kiwi boxer Joseph Parker knocks out Alexander Flores in Christchurch. Source: Photosport

They have both come off the back of wins, Leapai won against Australian Roger Izonritei and Parker beat Mexican Alexander Flores.

Today, Parker faces the 39-year-old at the Dunkin' Donuts Centre in Rhode Island, US.

The Kiwi has weighed in at 109kg, six kilograms lighter than his opponent, but has a height advantage of 10cm.

His trainer, Kevin Barry, says Leapai will try to use his physicality against Parker.

"It's not rocket science. It's the only way that he could possibly put himself in a position to be successful," he told Stuff.

"He's not going to try and out-box Joe or out-skill Joe, he needs to outmuscle him, that's his only chance."

Throughout the week both Joseph Parker and his trainer said that for Parker to take out the fight this afternoon he needs to go back to winning quickly and decisively and not leave it in the hands of the judges.

Parker has also been criticised for dropping his glove on defence - if Parker does this Leapai could land one of his overhand rights.

One thing he has learned from his fight against British boxer Dillian Whyte last July is to try and avoid the headbutt - the 27-year-old was hit in the back of the head by Whyte, which left him concussed for the majority of the match. 

Parker must look to keep Leapai at arms length to avoid him from getting inside.

His trainer said this time he will not tolerate being pushed around.

"People look at that and think, this is the way to beat Joseph Parker, we've got to rough him up," Barry said.

"I was very disappointed after that Dillian Whyte fight, one, with the officials but I was a little bit disappointed with myself that maybe I hadn't given Joe enough of the actual down and dirty part of the professional game."

"So we made sure after that we would never ever go into a fight where if it was going to turn into a real down-and-dirty brawl - we'd make sure we'd give as good as we'd take."

The contest is a Pay Per View event live on Sky Arena on Channel 065 for $39.95.

The event starts at 1pm this afternoon NZT and Parker's fight is the second undercard bout.


First undercard: Kal Yafai vs Norbelto Jimenez - super flyweights - 12 rounds

Second undercard: Joseph Parker vs Alex Leapai - heavyweights - 12 rounds

Main event: Demetrius Andrade vs Maciej Sulecki - middleweights - 12 rounds