Isolating Kiwi mountain bikers raising money for charities with half-marathon runs in quarantine hotel rooms

They're used to extreme sports, but a group of downhill mountain bikers admit this might just be one of the crazier things they've embarked on - an endurance event while stuck in quarantine.

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Eddie Masters, Brook MacDonald, Charlie Murray and Anton Cooper may get a bit dizzy but it’ll be worth it. Source: 1 NEWS

But for Eddie Masters, Brook MacDonald, Charlie Murray and Anton Cooper, tomorrow’s half-marathon’s inside their small self-isolation rooms will be more than just a way to kill time.

“A five metre lap,” Masters told 1 NEWS.

“I've got 4220 laps ahead of me."

After returning to New Zealand from the world champs in Austria, the four are now quarantining around the country and aiming to raise money for Westpac Rescue Helicopter and Burwood Spinal Unit.

All four have very personal motivations behind tomorrow’s mad attempt.

“My sister actually broke her femur up skiing a couple of years ago and she was in Christchurch Hospital within an hour,” Murray said, thinking of the rescue helicopter.

“So it's pretty amazing to have that sort of rescue in New Zealand."

For MacDonald, it's a chance to give back to Burwood where he learned to walk again after a horror crash last year left him with a broken back.

The fact he was even competing this month is close to a miracle, he said.

"The opportunity to travel to Europe and compete again was huge,” MacDonald said.

“It was probably the biggest win in my books ever, it's probably an even bigger achievement than winning world champs and a world cup overall.”

After what he's gone through, tomorrow's effort should be a walk in the park.

"I've lied on the side of a mountain for five hours with a broken back and no feeling in my leg so I think this is probably going to be a little easier than that."

Four lads, thousands of laps - the "hotel half" is one way of making sure their quarantine is quality time well spent.