INEOS Team UK utilise new rule changes after encountering hydraulic issues moments before starting

INEOS Team UK have been forced to take advantage of the new Prada Cup rule changes today as they frantically make repairs to their boat before the start of today’s race with Luna Rossa.

INEOS TEAM UK warms up ahead of Round three, race 2 against Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team during the 2021 PRADA Cup Round Robins on Auckland Harbour on January 23, 2021 in Auckland. Source: Getty

Just two minutes before the initial start time, Prada Cup officials ordered the postponement of the race due to suspected wind shifts across Course C on Auckland’s Waitematā Harbour.

After over an hour of delays handed down by race officials, things looked set to resume until INEOS Team UK encountered an issue with a hydraulic control on their AC75 mast.

The control, called the Cunningham is used to control the shape and camber of the mainsail by adding tension down the main mast.

Team UK used a newly implemented rule introduced during the week, allowing them to postpone the race start by a further 15-minutes.

Both boats got back into starting position after the 15-minute delay and race officials ordered yet another postponement to the race start with the unpredictable winds the likely cause.

The race is now underway.