'Come at me with your power, I'll bring it back!' Joseph Parker taunts Anthony Joshua during face-to-face clash

Joseph Parker has warned Anthony Joshua he will give him little to no breathing space in their upcoming unification bout after an interview of the pair going face-to-face aired in the UK this week.

Parker and Joshua appeared on The Gloves Are Off - a feature show by Sky Sports UK - earlier this week where the Kiwi heavyweight made sure his British rival knew the bout wasn't going to be like any other he's fought.

"I want him to tell me how he's going to knock me out," Joshua asks the interviewer sitting between himself and Parker.

"What round do you want?", replies Parker.

The interview itself was filmed in January prior to the pair of world champions heading their separate ways for training camps ahead of the April 1 fight at Principality Stadium.

One particular area the pair debated was whether Parker could catch Joshua to test the infamous "glass" chin the Kiwi's camp has highlighted leading up to the fight.

"Come March 31 I'm going to chase him around; my goal is to beat him up and knock him out. That's what I want to do," Parker said.

Joshua wasn't so sure though.

"I'm not going to let him catch me. I don't think he's got enough power in those hands to detonate on my chin and knock me out. And when I'm standing there and coming back, I want to see how he unfolds.

"He says I've got a glass chin, I want to see if he's got the power to detonate on it.

"I may not be as durable, but I can definitely take a punch, and get up and keep going, and get the win."

The Kiwi warned Joshua he would chase him around the ring. Source: Breakfast