Calls for review into Auckland sport and recreation funding

There are calls for a review into how sport and recreation is funded, especially in Auckland.

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Auckland receives over $10 million a year to dish out to community sport. Source: 1 NEWS

The Government this week pledged a further $80 million nationwide in the latest round of post-Covid funding, including a large chunk to community sport.

However, there are concerns that the money isn't trickling down to where it's needed most with Auckland Mayor Phil Goff acknowledging the divide.

"Not everybody is funded in an equal way," Goff told 1 NEWS.

"There are popular sports to fund, there are others that don't get as much.

"I think a review would be helpful."

Auckland has a tier between the taxpayer-funded Sport New Zealand, a regional sports trusts called Aktive. Gaming foundations also help with funding, as do Auckland Council and sponsors.

"Rather than tying up resources in back office corporate culture, we actually need to get the resources on the ground," Auckland councilor Daniel Newman said.

Sport New Zealand CEO Peter Miskimmin says the Auckland area receives several million dollars, and that fair distribution is assured.

"If it's one of equity, is Auckland getting a fair distribution of the overall national pie?" he said.

"I can give absolute assurances, all of our funding is population based."

"It's interesting, from time to time there's always people on the outside of that network [who] are always complaining about access to funding. We're very pleased with Aktive."

The Auckland area receives over $10 million for Aktive to dish out to community sport, plus Covid relief money.

Miskimmin also says a high percentage goes to areas like Manukau, and says they can ask for more help.