'Black does not go with everything' - NZ's Winter Olympics entrance ridiculed by ESPN writer

While it may be the pinnacle of some athletes' careers, New Zealand's entrance to this year's Winter Olympics in PyeongChang has been give a "dishonourable mention" by an ESPN writer.

As the New Zealand team entered the stadium in traditional black attire with the silver fern, ESPN's Elaine Teng deemed New Zealand's Olympic uniforms a "let-down".

"New Zealand was one of several countries to go all-black, which at the Olympics just seems like a let-down," Ms Teng wrote.

"This is one case where black does not go with everything."

New Zealand were joined on the list by Germany, who sported a tan and green combination for the Winter Olympics' opening showpiece.

"There isn't much room to go wrong in winter-wear, but Germany managed with the odd tan and green color palette," she wrote.

The New Zealand Olympic uniform has been predominently black featuring a silver fern since New Zealand's first ever team took part in the games in 1920.