'We're here to be better netballers' - Mystics and gymnastics legend in pre-season shake up

Pre-season is a testing time for any professional sporting side, however the Northern Mystics are pushing the boundaries in 2019, taking up gymnastics.

After last year incorporating trampolining into their pre-season, the Mystics have again turned to Angie Dougal, responsible for some of our best gymnasts, working with a netball team for another year. 

Working with Mystics coach Helene Wilson, Dougal has put the Mystics to work this pre-season, and is so far impressed with what she's seen.

"I'm really impressed, they're very coachable and very athletic," Dougal told 1 NEWS.

"Helene and I had a chat, and said that was pretty fun - the girls learnt a lot."

Coach Wilson though explains that the moves on the gym floor will hopefully translate to the court, with the Mystics looking to improve after narrowly missing the ANZ Premiership play-offs last year.

"New Zealanders are great with ball in flight," she began.

"We've tended to stay on the ground playing Australia, so what we can do to teach them movement competency about using the ball in flight.

"That's the review process and seeing what the players see as valuable and make sure that it's relevant.

"Otherwise it's just having fun and we're here to be better netballers so that's next steps."

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After trampolining last year, the Mystics are pushing the boundaries again in 2019. Source: 1 NEWS

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