Noeline Taurua says heavy rotation is part of the plan: 'Method in the madness'

The Silver Ferns aren't worried their heavy use of rotations early on at this year's World Cup could have a negative effect on the team.

In fact, coach Noeline Taurua believes it's doing the complete opposite.

"There is a method to the madness," Taurua told 1 NEWS.

"At this period of time we're really looking at the loads and management of the bodies and we're very clear about how many quarters each player can play."

Taurua said the clarity comes in the form of exact numbers for each individual player, ensuring each workload is tailored to the individual so she can get the best out of them later in the tournament.

"We're using these front-end games to distribute the quarters... the players do actually know they're going on in certain quarters whereas in time they won't but it's the ability to be able to switch in.

"We're testing a lot of things at the same time."

Veteran defender Casey Kopua added the rolling changes and testing of combinations was good for the side.

"I think we have to be flexible and adaptable in a week like this," Kopua told 1 NEWS.

"You can't expect the same seven to play the whole time."

The Silver Ferns have opened their World Cup campaign with convincing wins against Malawi, Barbados, Singapore and Zimbabwe.

Their next match takes place overnight at 2am NZT tomorrow against Northern Ireland.

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Coach Noeline Taurua says players have specific amounts of quarters they can play at the moment. Source: 1 NEWS