Jenny May Clarkson puts foot in mouth, tells Casey Kopua Silver Ferns 'didn't miss her' after retiring

Jenny May Clarkson's friendship with Casey Kopua jokingly came to an end this morning after the Breakfast presenter told the retired netballer the Silver Ferns "didn't miss her".

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Clarkson joked the pair "clearly aren’t friends now" after the humorous exchange. Source: Breakfast

Clarkson and Kopua were talking about the Silver Ferns on TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning when Clarkson decided to discuss how the team was doing after veterans such as Kopua retired recently.

Most recently, a new-look Silver Ferns outfit went to the UK and won the Nation's Cup after posting dominant wins over England, Jamaica and South Africa.

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In her review of that short campaign, Clarkson's analysis came off rather bluntly.

"You've got a new tier of players starting to come through," Clarkson started off.

"And, to be honest, they didn't miss a beat. You didn't miss Laura [Langman], you didn't miss you [gesturing to Kopua] in that defensive end..."

Kopua cut in with a "oh, really?" in response, which got the entire Breakfast crew laughing.

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Clarkson tried to fix the situation by admitting Kopua had "an amazing presence on the court" but Kopua laughed off the situation saying she understood what was trying to be said.

"It did look like [the team was rolling on without us] and I was kind of like, 'oh, OK'."

Clarkson's colleagues Hayley Holt and John Campbell stirred the pot at the end of the interview by saying they both missed Kopua in the Silver Ferns.

"I thought we were friends," Kopua said to Clarkson.

"Clearly not now!" Clarkson replied.