From forgettable to favourites: The Tactix's rapid rise in NZ netball

Not long ago, the idea of labelling the Canterbury Tactix as "favourites" for New Zealand’s domestic netball competition would've been laughable.

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After years of pain, the Tactix believe they can go one better than last year and win their first title. Source: 1 Sport

But after years of pain, that's their new reality as this year's ANZ Premiership was launched today.

Tactix coach Marianna Delaney-Hoshek has noticed the change though with a distinct air of assuredness around her this year.

“I’d like to think we're in and around [title contention],” she said.

The confidence is all the more significant when fans reflect on where the Tactix have come from; a painful history of single-win seasons and unwanted records.

In fact, there was a time between 2010 and 2017 where out of 106 games, they won just 12.

But fast forward to 2020 and those dark days became nothing more than a distant memory with the Tactix finishing second in the premiership’s regular season with a 9-4 record before they lost the final to the Pulse.

This year, they’re aiming to go one step further to where no Canterbury netball team has gone before and win a championship.

They’re campaign to realise that dream kicks off later on Sunday when they take on the Southern Steel in Invercargill.