ANZ Premiership season opener to feature pre-match immunisations for fans

Netball's domestic competition gets underway in Palmerston North tomorrow afternoon with two-time defending champions Central Pulse taking on the much-hyped Northern Stars.

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In a unique move the Pulse are joining forces with the Midcentral Health Board to offer immunisations before their game in Palmerston North. Source: 1 NEWS

As well as making an impact on court however, netball is playing its part in giving the wider community a booster shot too.

In a unique move the Pulse are joining forces with Midcentral District Health Board and primary health organisation, Think Hauora, to offer immunisations before the game.

Things like flu jabs and MMR immunisations will be available on site, as well as information around the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.  

Think Hauora CEO Chiquita Hansen says the move allows for more interaction and visibility with the public

“Often we just hand out pamphlets and things like that but this time we want to engage with the community and have conversations about important things,” Hansen said.

“We're delighted the Pulse share our same aspirations about health and wellbeing.”

Central Pulse interim captain Claire Kersten says that the domestic netball scene is a perfect place to spread public awareness around the issue.

 “I think it's a really great platform we've got to try and promote that,” Kersten said.

Kersten will be returning to the courts of her youth in tomorrow’s matchup with the new-look Northern Stars who, along with the Mainland Tactix, seem to be getting far more plaudits than the home side.

The interim skipper says the support is justified but it also adds extra motivation for her side.

“Sometimes that just lights a bit of a fire. They've got a great team, no doubt about that, and across all the teams they're the most consistent from last year, nine of ten. That always helps,” she said.

“There has been a lot of talk about them but it doesn't phase me.”